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College Football Rankings and Realignment: Georgia Claims Near-Unanimous No. 1 Spot, ACC Eyes Future Expansion

College Football Rankings and Realignment: Michigan’s head coach, Jim Harbaugh, took center stage at the 2023 Big Ten Media Days but skillfully avoided discussing the NCAA investigation that could lead to a four-game suspension. The investigation involves Level II recruiting violations, and Harbaugh is under scrutiny for being allegedly dishonest with investigators (Level I violation). Despite the potential suspension, Michigan’s roster remains stacked for the upcoming season, capable of winning even without their iconic leader. The Wolverines’ early-season opponents pose relatively little challenge, and they are expected to excel in Harbaugh’s absence. Apart from the usual drama and buzz, the college football regular season is all set to get underway on 27, August.

The Rise and Setback of Corum’s Heisman Aspirations

Running back Blake Corum showed immense promise and Heisman potential before an ACL injury cut short his stellar season. In the penultimate game against Illinois, Corum suffered a devastating injury, followed by a brief appearance against Ohio State. Unfortunately, he had to miss the Big Ten Championship Game against Purdue while recovering in California after knee surgery by a specialist. Corum’s return to full form is eagerly anticipated by fans and teammates, eager to witness his electrifying performances once again.

College Football Rankings and Realignment: ACC’s Watchful Eye on College Football Realignment

Amidst the college football expansion and conference realignment, the ACC’s commissioner, Jim Phillips, closely observes the Pac-12‘s moves as it seeks a new media deal. Phillips is keen to explore how potential realignment could benefit the ACC. While the Big Ten’s addition of USC and UCLA has solidified the East Coast’s strength, opportunities arise for the ACC to consider West Coast schools like Arizona, Utah, and Arizona State. The Big 12’s interest in expansion further adds to the complexities of college football realignment.

ACC Athletic Directors’ Concerns and the Case of Florida State

Despite the ACC’s prominence in college football, some of its athletic directors have expressed dissatisfaction with the league’s revenue position in the conference hierarchy. Notably, Florida State remains a subject of potential departure from the ACC. However, the reported $120 million exit fee could prove to be a significant obstacle for any team looking to leave the conference prematurely.

The 2023 college football season is set to be one of anticipation and intrigue as teams navigate the challenges of suspensions, injuries, and potential realignments. While the NCAA’s investigation casts a shadow over Michigan and Jim Harbaugh, the Wolverines’ depth and talent offer hope for continued success. The return of Blake Corum brings excitement and hope to Michigan fans, eager to witness his comeback and potential Heisman-worthy performances.

Meanwhile, the ACC finds itself at a crossroads, closely monitoring the Pac-12’s moves and evaluating potential additions and losses. The conference’s revenue position and the possibility of Florida State’s departure add a layer of complexity to the ever-evolving college football landscape.

As the season unfolds, fans will be on the edge of their seats, witnessing both the triumphs and challenges that shape the destiny of college football teams. The sport’s dynamic nature promises surprises, underdog victories, and unforgettable moments that will define the 2023 season.


As the college football landscape undergoes shifts with NCAA investigations, potential suspensions, and conference realignment discussions, the 2023 season promises to be intriguing. Michigan stands strong despite its coach’s uncertain status, while the recovery of talented players like Blake Corum adds excitement to the sport. The ACC’s watchful eye on the changing tides of realignment hints at possible additions and departures that could further reshape the college football landscape. Amidst all this uncertainty, fans eagerly await the action-packed season, ready to witness the drama and surprises that college football never fails to deliver. Teams have already been preparing for the regular season and the best football betting lines are expected to be out this week.