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College Basketball Transfers and Undrafted Rookies Look to Make an Impact

College Basketball Transfers and Undrafted Rookies – The 2022-2023 men’s college basketball season may have concluded several months ago, but players continue exploring potential new teams through the college basketball transfer portal. While notable names like Hunter Dickinson and Caleb Love have found new clubs following Bob Huggins’ resignation in West Virginia, numerous Mountaineers are exploring different possibilities after being dumped from West Virginia by Huggins himself. Here we take an in-depth look at this process and an undrafted rookie who may one day make his mark in the NBA.

College Basketball Transfers and Undrafted Rookies: Tre Mitchell

Former West Virginia forward Tre Mitchell, who led his former team in rebounding last season, has found his new home at Kentucky. Already joining their practice sessions there in Lexington and actively taking part in practices there; five other notable players remain in the transfer portal as well – Joe Toussaint from West Virginia, as well as James Okonkwo and Mohamed Wague from Ohio, are all listed there as possible transfers to the UK.

Joe Toussaint

Guard Joe Toussaint previously spent three seasons at Iowa before making an impactful transition to West Virginia and making an immediate mark as soon as he arrived there. Toussaint averaged 9.4 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.6 assists per game during his only year with the Mountaineers; his skills on both ends of the court made an impressive case for their talent to return next season with them. Schools such as Gonzaga and Kansas State have expressed interest; currently, Kansas State, Texas Tech, and Pitt could become potential destinations.

James Okonkwo

Forward James Okonkwo led West Virginia in blocks this past season while playing an instrumental role off the bench, particularly on defense. Although limited playing time prevented significant contributions by Okonkwo (22 blocks total during the 2018/19 season). North Carolina and Texas A&M have expressed interest in him; both schools plan to host visits later in 2019.

Mohamed Wague

Mohamed Wague, a junior forward who played one season at West Virginia before suffering a foot injury and becoming ineligible, recently entered the transfer portal. Wague’s experience at Harcum College, where he led in offensive rebounding, also makes him attractive as an option to transfer. Wague has already visited Kansas State and Alabama and plans to make additional visits before making his official decision.

Jahvon Quinerly and Paul Mulcahy

Outside West Virginia transfers, two more players of note include Alabama guard Jahvon Quinerly and former Rutgers guard Paul Mulcahy – two players who unexpectedly entered the transfer portal this season: Quinerly was initially expected to remain with Alabama; his decision instead surprised many when he entered it unexpectedly as one of its key contributors, Quinerly has yet to choose an eventual destination, and no teams have been mentioned as potential destinations; on the other hand, Mulcahy has been active for almost one month in his transfer portal entry; among his potential destination are Washington and Rutgers among his former Rutgers guard Paul Mulcahy potential landing spots!

Oscar Tshiebwe fights for a Spot on the Pacers

Oscar Tshiebwe stands out among Indiana Pacers Summer League roster as an impressive college player who did not hear their name called during the NBA draft yet still signed a two-way contract and remains determined to prove himself in this new league.

Tshiebwe stands 6’9″, is known for his outstanding rebounding skills, and led Division I in rebounds per game in 2022 and 2023. While his game tends to be more traditional, with limited experience shooting threes, Tshiebwe hopes to showcase his worth during Summer League in Las Vegas this summer.

Tshiebwe has earned himself the accolades that come with being an outstanding basketball player through hard work, determination, and resilience. Beginning playing at 14 and moving to America 18 months after that as soon as recruits were available. Now ready to make his presence felt on the court as an aggressive fighter who works tirelessly towards being competitive against fellow frontcourt stars, Tshiebwe’s work ethic and fighting spirit are evident throughout his approach to his sport of choice – something no other recruit could match up against!

Tshiebwe may not have stood out with an impressive scoring output during college, yet his impact as a rebounder must be addressed. Prioritizing rebounding over scoring sets Tshiebwe apart; his focus on this aspect of his game truly distinguishes him. Entering Summer League play for the Pacers this summer, hoping to fight hard for every rebound possible and leave an indelible mark upon this franchise.

College Basketball Transfers and Undrafted Rookies

Tshiebwe will have ample chances to showcase his abilities during their five-game Summer League schedule; beginning July 8 against Wizards, he can showcase his abilities for inclusion on their main roster. Tshiebwe is confident he’ll find a spot as part of the Pacers team!

As college basketball’s 2022-2023 men’s season winds down, its transfer portal remains abuzz. Prominent players like Tre Mitchell, Joe Toussaint, and James Okonkwo reportedly left West Virginia, looking for new opportunities after leaving. Alabama-Routgers players Jahvon Quinerly and Paul Mulcahy and Rutgers alumni Jahvon Quinerly and Paul Mulcahy also sought new homes after departing Alabama and Rutgers, respectively. Additionally, NBA Summer Leaguer Oscar Tshiebwe is making headlines thanks to his impressive rebounding skills; with his two-way contract signed by Indiana Pacers, Tshiebwe has entirely accepted this challenge of showing his abilities while fighting hard to become part of the team’s main roster roster roster.

Overall, the college basketball transfer portal remains active even following the conclusion of the 2022-2023 season. Notable West Virginia transfers and other key prospects continue their search for their new schools. At the same time, undrafted rookie Oscar Tshiebwe looks forward to showing his worth as an NBA rookie by showing his remarkable rebounding skills and fearless fighting spirit during the Pacers Summer League Campaign. The basketball world anticipates their next moves as these athletes continue their journeys within this sport. The 2023-24 college basketball schedule is expected to be out anytime soon.