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Big Ten Men’s Basketball 2023-2024: Season Preview Teams, Players and Predictions

Big Ten Men’s Basketball 2023-2024: Are you prepared for Big Ten men’s basketball? Once again, this is going to be one of the most competitive conferences in the entire NCAA. Last year, the Purdue Boilermakers were one of the absolute best teams in all of basketball… only to be one of the very few Number One seeds to lose to a 16.

But, this is a new year. There are new players all throughout the Big Ten (or B10, if you prefer). This is a pivotal year for the conference. It’s been a minute since the Big Ten produced a national champion. (If you remember that team was Michigan State in 2000, then you’re a trivia expert.)

That having been said, though, there are good teams in this conference that could make the tournament. Indeed, the conference sent eight of its fourteen teams to last year’s tournament. While none got out of the Sweet Sixteen, they’re all very close. If you’re looking to bet on college basketball, you might want to explore the best college basketball betting site for great odds and a wide range of betting options.

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Big Ten Men’s Basketball 2023-2024: Team by Team, Starting at the Top

Once again, this conference is Purdue’s for the taking. Zach Edey decided to not try for the NBA Draft, he more or less made Purdue the team that everyone was going to fear going into the new season.

Between Edey and returning players Mason Gillis, Braden Smith, and others, it’s likely that, once again the Boilermakers will be the team to beat in the conference.

That said, the last national champion from the Big 10 may have something to say about that. There’s plenty of talent with the Spartans. Sparty has Tyson Walker and A. J. Hoggard to be competitive with any team in the country.

There might be more upside to the Spartans than the BMs, but, it all has to come together for them.

Speaking of teams it all has to come together for to make to run: the Fighting Illini. Illinois has Terrence Shannon Jr. If you haven’t heard that name, you will. He’s not just the second leading scorer from last year’s group, but he might be the second best player in the conference this year.

The rest of the squad around him is pretty strong, too. The Fighting Illini have a fighting chance when it comes to the touch matchups in this conference.

The Middle of the Pack

The Big 10 is a deep conference. The teams that make up the middle of this conference very well might be towards the top of lesser conferences, even power ones. Case in point: the Terps.

The Maryland Terrapins are the consensus preseason pick as the number four team in the Big 10. But, that’s not for a lack of ability. They very well could make the NCAA tournament, being one of those college basketball teams that no one wants to play later on in the year.

The Turtle brings studs Julian Reese and Donta Scott. Last year they were an 8 seed in the big competition – this year, they could be considerably higher.

Right behind them (or perhaps, right next to them) is one of the new rivalries in our re-aligned conferences: the Wisconsin Badgers. Many have them as the 5th best team in the conference but some have them higher as well.

One thing is for sure: the Badgers are going to win some games this year. They did fine in making the NIT (as well as doing well there) but they return five starters, making them one of the older teams in this league. As such, they very much look the part of a potential spoiler that could be so much more, climbing the rankings as the weather gets colder.

The Indiana Hoosiers, in a very real way, are college basketball. In a way that goes beyond statistics, this is the team that many think of when they think of hoops. Mike Woodson hopes to continue the tradition set in place by Bobby Knight (rest easy). He’s made the Big Dance twice and very well could do it again with this squad.

Bringing Up the Rear

It may be surprising to see their name above some of the other teams below them, but Northwestern is seen as having a better squad than the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Wolverines, and others. That’s due to many reasons, not the least of which is Boo Buie.

Speaking of Ohio State, many see them as neck and neck in terms of talent with the Wildcats. While they had a very rough regular season, they got hot in the conference tournament. Can they turn it around to put together a complete year this year?

The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers, is seen as being a little weaker than OSU but not in the basement just yet. They may take a step back this year, but they aren’t a bad team. They could surprise some people.

Iowa is rebuilding a bit after losing year’s best scoring tandem. It may take them a minute to find out who exactly is the go to guy on this team (or who the go to guys are) but their coaching is strong and proven enough that, if they find it, it may be time to look out.

In terms of teams taking the biggest step back this season, many see the mighty (or once mighty) Michigan Wolverines as the team to do so. They have lost multiple players to the NBA as well as the transfer portal. As such, it’s going to take a lot for Juwan Howard to get this team back.

You may have Nebraska as the weakest team in the Big 10, you may haave Minnesota, you may have Penn State. Regardless, if you go with most projections, these are the teams that are most likely bringing up the rear. They aren’t without hope (and anything can happen, particularly in a single elimination tournament) but this might no be their year.

Big Ten Men’s Basketball All Season Long

Big Ten Men’s Basketball 2023-2024: That having been said, it very well may be your year! You can always bet on these games at our site. Whether it’s the Big 10 or any other conference, you can get all of the NCAA basketball betting you want, all season long. Check out the best online sportsbook for a wide range of betting options and competitive odds.