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Big 12 Seeks Additional Team, Pac-12 to Explore Expansion Post Colorado Exit

Big 12 Seeks Additional Team: The college football landscape is undergoing significant changes, with both the Pac-12 and the Big 12 making moves to strengthen their conferences. The Pac-12, in particular, has been hit hard by realignment, losing three teams in the past year. Colorado recently voted to leave the Pac-12 and rejoin the Big 12, further complicating the situation. The Pac-12 betting picks are expected to be out soon as top teams clash in an entertaining season.

In response to these departures, the Pac-12 has announced its intention to pursue expansion. The conference emphasizes its commitment to developing leaders, supporting student-athletes excellence, and broad-based athletic success. Despite the challenges, the Pac-12 remains determined to invest in its student-athletes and secure a successful future. Once its media rights deal concludes, the Pac-12 plans to embrace expansion opportunities, adding new fans, markets, excitement, and value to the conference.

Colorado’s Pac-12 Exit

Colorado’s exit from the Pac-12 highlights the conference’s vulnerabilities. Losing key members like USC and UCLA to the Big Ten and Colorado to the Big 12 has had a profound impact. The absence of a new broadcasting contract has further complicated matters, and some analysts speculate about the Pac-12’s future existence.

The Big 12, on the other hand, has taken a proactive approach to realignment. Following the loss of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC, the Big 12 has added BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF to its ranks. With a solid media rights contract in place, the Big 12 seems well-positioned to weather the storm of realignment.

Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff has reassured remaining members that the future media deal will be on par with or exceed the Big 12’s contract. However, concerns remain about the visibility of football games on regular TV versus streaming services. Kliavkoff recently updated Pac-12 members on the ongoing negotiations, providing insights into the conference’s future.

The delay in securing a new broadcasting deal may have contributed to Colorado’s decision to leave, prompting other Pac-12 members to contemplate their options. While many members express loyalty to the conference, they are cautiously awaiting the outcome of negotiations before committing to any decisions.

Big 12 Seeks Additional Team: Big 12 Continues its Expansion

As the Pac-12 navigates these challenging times, the Big 12 continues its expansion efforts. After adding Colorado, the Big 12 aims to reach 14 members. Athletic directors from Big 12 teams have met with Commissioner Brett Yormark to discuss potential additions. Arizona, a current Pac-12 member, has been linked to the Big 12 as one of the preferred candidates. Other schools like Gonzaga and reigning national champion UConn have also been considered to enhance the conference’s basketball standing.

If the Big 12 adds only one more team, they are likely to prioritize a school with a strong football program. While UConn has shown improvement under coach Jim Mora, Jr., the Big 12 may look to a current Pac-12 member for a higher-quality football school.

The college football realignment saga continues, and the Pac-12’s pursuit of expansion and the Big 12’s plan to add one more team highlight the ever-changing landscape of the sport. As both conferences seek to strengthen their positions, college football fans can expect more developments in the coming months.

The College Football Realignment Saga and Its Ripple Effects

Big 12 Seeks Additional Team: Amidst the uncertainty and fluidity of the college football landscape, the Pac-12’s pursuit of expansion has raised questions about potential candidates for the conference. As they aim to bolster their ranks, Arizona stands out as a compelling option due to its location in the southwestern United States and its existing connections with other “Four Corners” schools.

While the Big 12 has shown interest in Gonzaga and UConn for basketball purposes, their search for a strong football program may lead them back to the Pac-12. With the Pac-12 appearing somewhat vulnerable after recent departures, the Big 12 might see an opportunity to lure another school from its Western counterpart.

As both conferences jockey for position, other dominoes may begin to fall. The ever-changing landscape of college football could lead to further realignment, with other conferences potentially joining the fray in the search for new members.

The Pac-12 and the Big 12’s actions may set off a chain reaction, prompting other conferences to explore expansion as well. While the future remains uncertain, one thing is clear: college football is undergoing a significant transformation, and the coming months will shape the sport’s landscape for years to come.

As fans and stakeholders eagerly await updates and announcements, the college football world holds its breath, anticipating the next moves from the Pac-12, the Big 12, and beyond. The realignment saga is far from over, and every decision made by conferences will have ripple effects throughout the entire sport. The college football betting guide is expected to be available in a couple of days for bettors to place their bets in the upcoming season.