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Baylor Bears vs. Duke Blue Devils 12/20/23 NCAA Betting Picks

Baylor Bears vs. Duke Blue Devils 12/20/23 – The upcoming NCAA men’s basketball showdown promises an electrifying clash as the formidable Baylor Bears, boasting an impressive 9-1 record, square off against the Duke Blue Devils, who stand strong with a 7-3 tally. This highly anticipated matchup, a highlight in the NCAAB latest picks, is set to unfold on Wednesday at the iconic Madison Square Garden. Fans can catch the live action at 7:00 PM ET on ESPN, making for a prime-time spectacle in college basketball.

Baylor Bears vs. Duke Blue Devils 12/20/23

When:Wednesday, December 20, 2023, at 7:00 PM ET
Where:Madison Square Garden
Stream:NBA League Pass
Baylor Bears vs. Duke Blue Devils 12/20/23
+2 -110
o155 -110
Blue Devils
-2 -110
u155 -110
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Ja’Kobe Walter (Guard) vs. Kyle Filipowski (Center)

Ja’Kobe Walter of Baylor Bears has been an absolute standout this season. In 10 games played thus far, he has averaged 28 minutes on court per game while producing 14.3 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 1.2 assists per game on defense and an astounding 41.2% field goal percentage with free-throw accuracy at an amazing 88.9% rate as well as 37.3% success in 3-pointers made; his strength lies both with scoring ability and defensive acumen but turnovers of 0.9 per game could potentially hinder results against Duke’s tough defense.

Duke center Kyle Filipowski has been outstanding. In 10 games, he averages 29.4 minutes on the court while leading his team with 18.4 points and 9.2 rebounds per game – leading with 51.5% field goal percentage, 32.4% three point shooting percentage, 73.6 percent free throw accuracy rate and averaged 1.8 turnovers per game (refer back to stat 1). Filipowski must watch out for turnovers as these can add up quickly if left unchecked.

Walter and Filipowski will battle it out on the court as an exhibition of agility versus power. Walter’s speed and perimeter shooting will challenge Filipowski’s defensive prowess while Filipowski’s rebounding and inside scoring may test Walter’s ability to defend against larger opponents – an encounter which may decide the flow and outcome of the game.

Baylor’s Balanced Assault: A Statistical Insight

The Baylor Bears have proven themselves as an exceptional combination of offense and defense this season. Averaging 88.4 points per game while shooting 51.7% field goal percentage speaks to their offensive efficiency; and their 41.1% three-point shooting rate allows them to hit 8.8 threes per game at 42.1% rate! Their rebounding (38 per game) and assist (16.3 per game) figures demonstrate well-rounded team play while their turnover rate of 12.7 could prove troublesome against Duke, known for capitalizing on opponents’ miscues.

Duke’s Strategic Playmaking: Analyzing the Blue Devils’ Strengths

Duke Blue Devils average an impressive 81.6 points per game on 48.5% field goal percentage and use a more conservative but effective offensive strategy, shooting 36.9% from three-point range with 7.9 made threes per game. Defensively they excel on boards (36.4 average per game), with 36.4 rebound per game from defense, 16.5 assists per game to only 9 turnovers averaging out to give them an edge when competing closely for wins and losses.

NCAAB Betting Odds: TBD, Over/Under: TBD

The current betting odds for this highly-anticipated matchup are still to be determined. However, given the team’s performances and trends, the odds are expected to be closely matched. Bettors should keep an eye on the odds as they are released and consider the teams’ recent performances and head-to-head statistics when placing their bets.


Baylor Bears Betting Trends

Baylor has hit the 1H Game Total Over in 21 of their last 34 games
Bears has hit the 1H Moneyline in 21 of their last 33 games
Baylor has hit the Game Total Over in 8 of their last 12 away games
Baylor has only hit the 1H Game Total Under in 13 of their last 34 games
Bears has only hit the Game Total Under in 4 of their last 12 away games

Duke Blue Devils Betting Trends

Duke has hit the Moneyline in 13 of their last 14 games at home
Blue Devils has hit the 1H Moneyline in 14 of their last 17 games at home
Duke has hit the Game Total Under in 19 of their last 34 games
Duke has hit the Team Total Over in 10 of their last 18 games at home
Blue Devils has hit the 1H Game Total Under in 18 of their last 34 games
Duke has only hit the 1H Game Total Over in 15 of their last 34 games

Baylor Bears vs. Duke Blue Devils Betting Picks

This matchup between Baylor and Duke is shaping up to be a clash of titans, with both teams showcasing formidable strengths. Baylor’s offensive firepower and Duke’s strategic playmaking set the stage for a thrilling encounter. In considering the best betting sites and their odds, Baylor’s ability to score heavily and Duke’s home court advantage must be weighed carefully.

We predict a closely contested game with both teams playing to their strengths. Baylor’s ability to score from the perimeter will challenge Duke’s defense, while Duke’s efficient ball handling and playmaking could disrupt Baylor’s rhythm. Given the trends and stats, a slight edge might be given to Baylor for their overall scoring ability.

Score Prediction: Baylor 82, Duke 78