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ACC Future and Saban’s Take on Realignment in College Football

ACC Future: College football is experiencing a seismic shift in its landscape with recent realignment moves, as conferences jostle for financial gains and athletic prominence. While some programs eagerly join new conferences, others face the uncertainty of losing cherished rivalries and traditions. Legendary Alabama coach Nick Saban recently expressed concerns about the evolving state of college athletics, emphasizing the importance of preserving the sport’s core values amid the financial gains driving realignment. The college football betting odds for the regular season is expected to be out soon for bettors to place their bets.

ACC Future: The Lamentation of Losses

As Washington and Oregon set their sights on joining the Big Ten in 2024, and Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah follow Colorado to the Big 12, the sport is witnessing longstanding rivalries facing extinction. The Bedlam series between Oklahoma State and Oklahoma is at risk as the Sooners move to the SEC. While the rivalry between Oregon and Oregon State is hopeful for continuance, other historic matchups, like the annual in-state meeting between Texas and Texas A&M, have returned to life due to realignment.

Saban’s Plea for College Athletics

Nick Saban, an influential figure in college football, laments the focus on monetary gains in the realignment wave. With SEC and Big Ten schools projected to receive substantial media rights deals, Saban calls for a reconsideration of foundational values in college athletics. As financial considerations fuel the changes, Saban hopes that preserving traditional rivalries and the integrity of college sports will become crucial factors in future decision-making processes.

The Uncertain Future of the ACC

While the Pac-12 faces significant challenges with team departures, attention now turns to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and its future direction. Reports indicate that the ACC Presidents met to discuss realignment and potential additions from the Pac-12. As rumors turn into reality, the ACC grapples with its identity and competitiveness on the national stage.

Exploring the ACC’s Possibilities

Reworking the ACC Media Deal: The best-case scenario involves renegotiating the ACC’s media deal, enhancing the conference’s financial standing and competitiveness.

Florida State’s Contractual Conundrum: The worst-case scenario sees Florida State seeking an exit from the contract, which could open the door for other prominent programs like Clemson and Miami to follow suit, potentially destabilizing the ACC.

The Uncertainty of the Future: The ACC’s future remains unclear, with multiple options on the table, and the outcome remains unpredictable.

The uncertainty surrounding the ACC’s future underscores the complex web of decisions facing conference officials. As other major conferences solidify their positions, the ACC must strategize to maintain its competitiveness and attract new teams to enhance its brand. While some may view realignment as a necessary step for financial stability and national recognition, others argue that preserving regional rivalries and conference traditions is equally important for the fabric of college football.

The potential addition of Pac-12 teams to the ACC could offer intriguing matchups and create exciting new conference dynamics. However, it also requires careful consideration of geographical logistics and ensuring a balanced competitive landscape.

Moreover, realignment’s impact extends beyond conference dynamics, affecting athletes, coaches, and fan communities. As teams shift allegiances, fan bases grapple with mixed emotions and the potential loss of cherished rivalries. The emotional connection between universities and their supporters cannot be overlooked in this era of transformation.

Ultimately, the college football landscape remains in flux, and the ACC must navigate these uncertain waters with foresight and prudence. Whatever the future holds, college football enthusiasts are eager to witness how the game’s traditions, rivalries, and core values will be preserved and celebrated amid this period of significant change.


As realignment continues to reshape college football, voices like Nick Saban remind us of the need to balance financial opportunities with preserving the sport’s traditions and core values. While some rivalries face uncertain futures, the ACC navigates uncharted territory, exploring various possibilities to solidify its position in the ever-evolving landscape of college athletics. Only time will tell how these changes will shape the future of college football. The upcoming 2023-24 NCAA college football lines season will start on August 27, 2023.