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2023 College Football Rankings USC, Texas A&M Pose Preseason Poll Challenges & SEC’s Plan for ‘Horns Down’

2023 College Football Rankings – As the NCAA Football Season nears, fans nationwide eagerly anticipate the release of preseason rankings. 2023 promises to be exciting, with perennial powerhouses vying for top spots as emerging contenders attempt to upset the status quo; two such contenders include the University of Southern California (USC) and Texas A&M University, among others. Furthermore, Southeastern Conference (SEC) officials plan on taking action regarding the controversial ‘Horns Down’ gesture to maintain sportsmanship and respect during games.

2023 College Football Rankings: USC’s Football Resurgence

USC Football’s Resurgence After several subpar seasons, USC’s football program shows signs of revival. Boasting an impressive history of eleven national championships and numerous Heisman Trophy winners, USC has found its footing again under head coach Clay Helton’s watchful guidance. Focused on recruiting classes with solid potential and creating cohesive teams with winning attitudes, USC is back on its winning track!

USC showed glimpses of brilliance during its 2022 season, beating several top-ranked teams and finishing with an impressive 9-4 record. Their comeback earned widespread acclaim from fans and analysts alike; should this momentum carry forward into the 2023 season, they stand a legitimate chance at cracking into the top 10 rankings and possibly contending for the national championship.

Aggies Hope to go big

Texas A&M Aggies have recently made headlines thanks to veteran coach Jimbo Fisher. Led by this formidable squad, they have steadily increased the rankings while becoming an unstoppable force on the court. Acquiring top recruits – such as talented quarterbacks and defensive players – has only added momentum for Texas A&M as they rise through the rankings.

As the SEC prepares to return for their 2016-17 campaign, they face the issue of the Horns Down sign being used by fans and players against the University of Texas Longhorns, sparking controversy and discussion regarding sportsmanship and respect on the field.

SEC’s Tough Competition

As a response, the SEC has taken swift and decisive action to address this incident. Conference officials have reminded players, coaches, and fans about respecting opponents while creating an enjoyable atmosphere during games. At the same time, passionate rivalries play an integral part of college football competition. It is necessary to draw a line between meaningful rivalries and acts that might inflame tension or create hostile environments.

The SEC’s approach focuses on educating players and fans on the possible outcomes of their actions through workshops, engagement with university administrations, and social media campaigns to spread sportsmanship messages. By creating an environment of mutual respect and understanding between players and fans, the SEC hopes to preserve the integrity of sport while guaranteeing that both can enjoy it without resorting to disrespectful behaviors.


As the 2023 college football season nears, all eyes are focused on USC and Texas A&M as they present considerable challenges to the established order. USC fans hope for a return of glory under head coach Clay Helton while Texas A&M continues its rise within the highly-competitive SEC conference.

SEC’s proactive response to the “Horns Down” gesture shows their dedication to upholding sportsmanship and creating an enjoyable environment for players and fans. Through education and cultivating respect, SEC strives to maintain college football as an arena that honors athleticism while promoting healthy competition.

As preseason polls emerge, one thing is clear: the 2023 college football season promises to be action-packed and full of surprises for fans. Fans should prepare for intense rivalries, breathtaking plays, and unforgettable moments as teams battle it out for top rankings spots and the chance at college football immortality.