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Buying Points

Buying points allows the option of moving the point-spread for sides or totals in your favor when betting on football or basketball. When betting on a favorite, buying points allows a player to take off a half point, full point or 1.5 points. When betting an underdog, a player can buy points to add a half point, full point or 1.5 points.

For each half point that you change the point-spread in football or basketball in your favor you must pay an extra 10 cents. For example, if you are betting the Dallas Cowboys at -6 -110 ($110 to win $100 or the 11/10 equivalent) you can buy the Cowboys down to -5.5 at -120 ($120 to win $100 or the 12/10 equivalent). You can buy a full point and get the Cowboys down to -5 for -130. You could get them down to -4.5 for -140 or -4 for -150.

The maximum amount of points you can buy is 1.5. You can wager any amount within the limits of the sport and still buy points. You would use the percentage basis to figure the extra cost by adding the additional 10% for each ½ point you wanted to buy.

Straight Bet Point-Spread

Buying Points Juice Scale
Regular Line

Special Football Note: When buying on or off the numbers of 3 or 7 the percentages increase at 25% above the normal 10%. For example, if you were to buy a team from -3 down to -2.5 you would be laying -135 instead of the normal -110. The same thing would apply in any situation where you bought a half point on or off of the numbers 3 and 7 in football. -3 to -2.5, -3.5 to -3, +2.5 to +3, +3 to +3.5, -7 to -6.5, -7.5 to -7, +6.5 to +7 and +7 to +7.5.

Buying points can only be done for straight bets, if bets, reverses, parlays and round robins. You cannot buy points in 1st half or 2nd half wagers.

Buying Points Rules

Only for football and basketball (Sides and Totals).

The customer can buy ½, 1 or 1½ points.

Maximum points the customer can buy is 1½.

There is a 10% additional juice for every ½ point the customer buys.

On football the customer can buy points on, off or through 3 or 7 points at cost of 25 cents to be increased to the current juice/odds.

Only for straight bets, if bets, reverses, parlays and round robins.

Never on 1st half or 2nd half betting odds.