Weidman Fails to Draw Online UFC Betting Crowd

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Weidman Fails to Draw Online UFC Betting Crowd

One of the most anticipated online UFC betting matchups of the summer came to a fantastic finish this past weekend as Chris Weidman let the entire UFC know that he’s still here, and that his best days are still in front of him. However, that matchup and subsequent finish was not enough to convince the nation to tune in.

UFC on Fox 25: Weidman vs. Gastelum was held this past Saturday, but most of the nation didn’t even realize as the event pulled the worst ratings of the series to date. UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson has yet to lost his belt but he has just lost the title as the worst draw in the UFC.

This past Saturday’s event drew a meager 1.64 million viewers overnight, suffering a staggering 32% decline from the women’s bantamweight match between Holly Holm and Valentina Shevchenko held in July of last year.

Weidman came into the fight as an online UFC betting favorite over Gastelum but what few fans imagined is that the All American would go on to eclipse Johnson’s low-mark of 1.74 million views.

Weidman’s win over Gastelum marks a turnaround in a career that was quickly heading towards a standstill. Weidman was at the top of the sports entertainment world just a few months ago as the newly crowned middleweight champion after he defeated UFC hall of famer Anderson Silva for the belt at UFC 162.

The thrills continued as players who bet on MMA witnessed the All American defend his belt against Silva, Lyoto Machida, and Vitor Belfort, defeating some of the biggest names the promotion had seen.

Unfortunately, after that win streak, Weidman threw a spinning heel kick that would alter the course of his career. Facing Luke Rockhold, Weidman threw the aforementioned kick that was promptly caught by the challenger. Rockhold threw Weidman onto the mat, and proceeded to ground and pound his way to victory. Rockhold became the new middleweight champion, leaving Weidman bleeding on the floor.

Weidman attempted to bounce back by facing one of the scariest men in the UFC, Yoel Romero. Unfortunately, a perfectly timed rising knee on behalf of the Cuban only left Weidman battered, bleeding and defeated.

Afterwards Weidman faced Gegard Mousasi, one of the toughest middleweights in the world. Due to the lack of unified rules in MMA, there were some discrepancies in that match. Notably, the referee stopped the fight because he thought Mousasi threw an illegal knee.

Turns out the knee was completely legal, which meant that the fight – which had been stopped at the time, had to continue. There was too much confusion caused the refereeing mistake and Weidman, who had just taken a knee to the face, wasn’t quite sure what was going on. The ref asked the All American if he could continue, Weidman said he would like a little more time and the fight was then called over in Mousasi’s favor.

The mishap on behalf of the referees led to some controversy, but Weidman answered that by picking up a decisive victory over Gastelum. Gastelum nearly finished Weidman in the first round with some well placed blows but the All American was able to overcome and ultimately redeemed himself.

Hopefully more fans will be willing to tune in to catch Weidman fight next time, or the UFC might be forced to keep him from headlining.