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UFC on Fox 30 Rundown: Recapping this Past Weekend’s Results

Posted by: Mike Davis
UFC on Fox 30 Rundown - Dustin Poirier

While the UFC betting online expectations were high, UFC on Fox 30: Alvarez vs. Poirier 2 managed to meet almost all of them. The main card featured but four fights but there’s no questioning each bout’s entertainment value. Now that the online betting action is in the books, we can do a sportsbook review on what went down this past weekend. Without further ado, here is our UFC on Fox 30 rundown.

UFC on Fox 30 Rundown || Results from This Past Weekend’s Action

Leading up to this weekend’s action, everyone was wondering how the headlining bout of the night would turn out. A rematch of the lightweight bout between Dustin Poirier and Eddie Alvarez, UFC betting online players new this matchup was a bit of a tossup. This is because the first fight was a back and forth between the two. Poirier got off to a fast start but soon found himself compromised by Alvarez’ tactics. Then, an illegal knee on behalf of Alvarez brought the fight to an end. And even though the crowd was booing Alvarez, Dustin stepped in to make it clear that Alvarez is not a dirty fighter.

However, we definitely saw Alvarez resort to some dirty tactics this past weekend. Although Dustin got off to another great start, Alvarez assumed a dominant position when he took Poirier down and pinned him against the cage. There we saw Alvarez grab the cage and stick his finger in Poirier’s ear. Both of these actions are illegal and are highly frowned upon. Afterwards, Alvarez’ coach Marc Henry implored his fighter to thrown an elbow. But since Alvarez was pinning Poirier against the cage, that elbow turned into a 12-6. This was another highly illegal move. Ultimately referee Marc Goddard decided he had had enough of Alvarez antics and decided to stand the fighters up. This gave Poirier an easy out to the compromising position he found himself in. Afterwards, we saw a pissed off Poirier finish the fight within seconds.

In the end, Goddard took some heat for his decision. But considering the move was illegal, wasn’t the ref in the right?

Marc Goddard & the Fight’s Tipping Point

So was Goddard truly to blame for this fight’s results? Considering what happened in the first fight, there’s absolutely no reason to blame the ref. It’s the refs duty to protect the fighters. Naturally, the ref has to act when he sees an illegal action. At UFC 227 we saw Daniel Cormier knockout Stipe Miocic after landing an eye-poke. Although fans of DC quickly came out to his defense, there’s no denying that the move looked fishy. Ultimately, had the ref given Miocic more time to recover, or had he penalized Cormier, we might have gotten a different result.

This is why Goddard’s decision to stand the fighters up is so crucial, because it was the right thing to do. Last fight was ended prematurely do to an illegal blow from Alvarez. This time, the former champ committed three illegal maneuvers consecutively; holding the cage, fingering the ear, and a 12-6 elbow. Goddard’s decision placed the fight on equal ground once more and allowed Poirier to display his superior MMA skills. Without having to result to cheating.more and allowed Poirier to display his superior MMA skills. Without having to result to cheating. Players learning how to bet on UFC matches should keep this past weekend’s results in mind moving forward.