UFC 213 Did Not Live Up to Sports Betting Sites’ Hype

Posted by: Charlie Smith
UFC 213 Betting Run Down

This past weekend’s online UFC betting events came and went and they left us rather disappointed. Friday’s event absolutely lived up to expectations, but with Nunes pulling out of Saturday’s event just hours before UFC 213 began, many fans who bet on MMA were left feeling disenfranchised with the Lioness. But before we break down Nunes’ chronic sinusitis, let’s find out what happened on Friday.

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Friday night’s spectacle got off to a slow start when, leading up to the main card, all but one bout ended in a finish. That finish was brought to you by none other than Tecia Torres who submitted fellow Strawweight Juliana Lima via rear-naked choke 53s into the second round.

Jared Cannonier gave us the first TKO of the night, delivering some nasty elbows to Nick Roehrick’s face that forced the referee to conclude the fight.

From there, all eyes shifted to the co-headlining bout of the night that would give us our redeeming champion. It did not take long for Jesse Taylor to submit online UFC betting underdog Dhiego Lima via rear-naked choke. In fact, Taylor got it done in less than a minute into the second round. Afterwards, a jolly Taylor was seen hugging Dana White while emphatically telling the UFC’s president that he loved him.

The headlining match of the night proved to be thrilling in every definition of the word. Leading up to the bout, Michael Johnson and Justin Gaethje had engaged in some pretty cringe-inducing trash talk. Johnson took it upon himself to show the newcomer why the UFC’s bolsters the best fighters in the world and promised to deliver a technical performance, instead of the brawling efforts that he’s known for.

The opposite turned out to be true as both Johnson and Gaethje came out swinging early. Gaethje brags that his style is too explosive and that he has yet to lose a collision. Once the dust settled on Friday’s event, Gaethje’s claim still retains validity.

Both fighters came out heavily bruised and bleeding but Johnson was considerably worse off. Gaethje proved that he is in fact a bad man and has likely earned a bout against one of the top contenders in the division – Tony Ferguson perhaps?

UFC 213 Betting Run Down

Leading up to the event, the online UFC betting hype was considerable. The main card was absolutely stacked with two title fights and a handful of bouts between top contenders. In the end, the UFC was lucky to have stacked the card so much since they lost their headlining bout.

Sports betting sites have been busy since Saturday putting Amanda Nunes on blast. For those out of the loop, the women’s Bantamweight Champion was set to face Valentina Shevchenko this past weekend. Unfortunately, in the days leading up to the event, Nunes communicated to the UFC that she was not feeling well.

Nunes first reached out to the promotion Friday, informing them of her ill-feeling status. Nevertheless, the fighter appeared at the ceremonial weigh-ins and it seemed like things were going on track. Then Saturday came around and the fighter once again informed the UFC that she was not feeling well, this time adding that she was probably not going to fight.

The UFC is a professional business and knows how to handle illnesses better than any other promotion on the planet. The UFC had their designated doctor look at Nunes to make sure that she was ok. The doctor ended up clearing Nunes, which mean that there was no medical reason for the Brazilian to miss the fight.

Nevertheless, Nunes withdrew.

Since then, the fighter has claimed that chronic sinusitis was the issue holding her back. Chronic sinusitis is a disease that inflames the nasal cavity, making it difficult for the patient to breathe. While this may be true, it seems hard to believe that UFC doctors would be unable to find this issue or find a solution.

Since then, many online UFC betting fans have come out strongly against Nunes. To be clear, the Lioness has never done this before in her career, so it’s in no way a trend. In fact, because this was a first, White decided not to withdraw her belt.

However, the UFC still suffered a heavy loss. In addition to the thousands of people who decided not to purchase the event, the promotion also decided to issue refunds to fans who bought tickets. This reflects the UFC’s professionalism and commitment to their fans, and there’s no doubt they suffered some losses.

Ultimately, White has gone on record to state that he will no longer book Nunes for a headlining bout. Essentially, this means that she will not be cashing in on as big of a payday.

This was the first drawback of the night, with the second being lackluster finishes all throughout the main card.