UFC 206: Worst Event Ever

Posted by: Charlie Smith
UFC 206: Worst Event Ever

UFC 206 is officially the worst way to follow up UFC 205. After 205 broke every single record that the UFC had, online UFC betting fans were expecting a solid follow up to the biggest night in the UFC’s history. At first it seemed like fans got exactly what they wanted; a rematch between two of the baddest men in the UFC, Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson. However, Cormier suffered a groin injury in the lead up to the fight and ultimately required surgery to heal. It’s not uncommon for a fighter to feign an injury in hopes of avoiding an opponent he would rather not face. But knowing the type of person Cormier is, that doubt didn’t exist in anyone’s mind. To help cover for that gigantic loss, the UFC stripped Conor McGregor of his featherweight title and bumped up a fight on the main card to the headlining event. Unfortunately for the UFC, that fight will not be happening either.

After the news broke of Cormier’s injury, the UFC decided to bump the Anthony Pettis vs. Max Holloway fight to an interim title fight status. In order to do so the UFC had to strip McGregor of his title and hand it to Jose Aldo. Many MMA sportsbook fans were critical of Aldo’s decision to accept the belt without having to fight McGregor for it, but at the end of the day you make more money if you’re a division champion and Aldo wasn’t about to turn down the extra dough. So with Aldo being declared the champion, the fight between Pettis and Holloway would determine the Interim Title holder, as well as who would be the first person to challenge Aldo. Ultimately the UFC’s last minute scrambling would prove to be futile because in the weigh-ins leading up to UFC 206, Pettis would disappoint himself, Dana White, and online UFC betting aficionados.

Friday afternoon the UFC broke the news that Anthony Pettis came in three pounds overweight for his interim title bout. Pettis needed to weigh in at 145 pounds, but in the end missed the mark by a considerable amount. This would’ve marked Pettis’ second time competing at the 145 pound division, and now it’s clear that Pettis should compete in the lightweight class, not the featherweight division. Ultimately Pettis will be fined 20% of his purse and will no longer be able to compete at 206, and it’s unlikely that the UFC will give him another shot at the title. But in the end, UFC betting sites and MMA fans have to deal with the largest blow.

It’s pretty unfathomable how someone who has been fighting their entire life is unable to shed some weight. This was a great opportunity for Pettis to come in and prove himself but instead he embarrasses himself and makes the UFC look pretty terrible. Needless to say, with this move Pettis has lost most of his online UFC betting fan base.