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Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till: New UFC Betting Online Pairing for the Belt!

Longtime UFC betting online players have always been critical of the promotion’s interim belt. The reason being, that even though the fighter is hailed as the interim champion, the title doesn’t actually mean anything. While UFC champions will receive a cut of the pay per view’s revenue, interim champions don’t get a dime. On top of that, the recent debacle between current UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and Interim Welterweight Champion Colby Covington has made it perfectly clear that the UFC does not care one bit about the interim champion status. So instead of seeing Woodley and Covington go at it for the belt, sports betting players will now see Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till.

Covington’s Title Shot No More?

Colby Covington made a name for himself by becoming the most egregious fighter in the UFC. Last October, Covington started drawing a bunch of attention for his welterweight bout against Demian Maia. Maia was coming off a failed title shot against Woodley. However, Woodley vs. Maia fight was atrociously boring. So, to help make the welterweight division great again, Covington promised that he would deliver a dominant spectacle over Maia. And although Covington delivered, his post-fight comments drew a ton of heat.

Once the fight finished and Covington won via decision, the young up and comer took to the mic to trash all of Brazil. Specifically, Covington claimed that the entire country was trash and that all Brazilians were simply animals. Naturally, Covington drew a ton of ire from Brazilians, both fighters and fans, and a good portion of the MMA community in general. However, many UFC betting online players caught on to Covington’s shtick and realized it was just an act to gain some notoriety.

From there on out, Covington continued to make headlines for himself by making outrageous statement after outrageous statement. This included anything and everything from stating that Jon Jones has been a roid-head all his life to claiming that Joe Rogan was a biased announcer. And although he eventually apologized and squashed the beef with Rogan, Covington never made an apology to former roommate Jon Jones.

In the end, Covington’s trash talk led to a mega-fight between him and Rafael dos Anjos for the Interim Welterweight title. Although Covington won that fight decisively and claimed the interim strap, it does not appear that he will be facing Woodley for the belt.

Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till || New Championship Bout

A couple days ago, the UFC betting online wire burst with news that the Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till fight was officially confirmed. This was a huge bummer to the MMA community because, after watching so much trash talk between Woodley and Covington, we were all eagerly awaiting this bout. However, when the UFC rang Covington, the interim welterweight champion stated that he would not be ready in September. Covington claimed that he needed a bit of time off. Although he had just finished fighting 3 fights within a year’s time, Covington’s last bout was in June. This means that Covington would’ve had a couple days of rest at most before jumping back into training camp.

Obviously this type of approach is exhausting and Covington wanted a bit of time before facing Woodley. Considering how fierce of a fighter Woodley is, it makes sense that Covington wanted to be well-rested before a grueling training camp. But it seems that the UFC was not ready to meet those online betting demands. Instead, they looked to book the next possible fight.

The only problem is that the hype around the Woodley-Till fight pales in comparison to the hype surrounding the Covington-Woodley bout. Especially when Considering that the last Woodley title fight is one of the most boring fights we’ve seen. In other words, Woodley really needed help selling those PPVs. Instead of trying to play up a fight, it seems the UFC isn’t interested in seeing a Covington title fight. Which would lead you to believe that they aren’t as interested in selling as many PPVs as possible. Either that or they’re trying to further hype this bout up before it takes place.