Sportsbooks Favored Rousey – Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Sportsbooks Favored Rousey

If online UFC betting fans had any doubts as to how epic UFC 205 truly was all they would have to do is take a look at the other two major events the UFC has hosted since then; 206 and 207. 206 delivered some amazing fights including Donald Cerrone’s dominant performance against Matt Brown, but even though his performance was breathtaking it still wasn’t quite enough to make up for the original main event that all sportsbook fans were expecting; Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson 2. And then to follow up that main event of which we were robbed the UFC put together 207 with one of the strangest promotions we’ve ever seen.

Leading up to UFC 207 every single person who engages in online UFC betting knew exactly who was fighting, Ronda Rousey. The only problem was that the promotions the UFC were running focused strictly on Rousey and not on whom she was facing, you know the Women’s Bantamweight champion. Criticism for this decision was not absent and even those who work for the UFC, Joe Rogan, were outspoken in what was considered a snub. Sure Amanda Nunes may not be the most recognizable name and sure her English isn’t the best, but that doesn’t take away from how ferocious ‘Lioness’ is. In the end the UFC chose to focus on Rousey ubiquitously claiming that “She’s Back”. In the end 207 came and went and it took Rousey with it.

The main event is always the most anticipated bout of the night and it only follows that most people willing to purchase the Pay Per View are doing it because they want to catch the main fight. But every single fight on the 207 card, including the undercard and the preliminaries, was more competitive and arguably more entertaining the fight between Rousey and Nunes. Heading into the match most MMA betting sites had Rousey pegged as the favorite to win the fight, but considering that she couldn’t even last 48 seconds, it’s time for sportsbooks to either start giving more credit to Nunes or start thinking less of Rousey.

Seconds into the fight it was clear that Rousey was in over her head. The fight game is a tricky business and you’ll hear it from the mouths of veterans how taking shots to the head will without a doubt take its toll on you. Specifically, some fighters are never quite the same after taking one brutal shot. Most online UFC betting fans would agree that Rousey seems to fall into that category. The head kick that Holly Holm used to knock out Rousey was savage. However, Rousey took an adequate amount of time off to recover and prepare to face what many considered to be her toughest opponent. In hindsight, it’s clear Rousey’s preparations were not enough as she only lasted 48 seconds in the octagon.

The difference between the abilities of Rousey and Nunes were clear as day once the fight started. However, many feel that the blame should fall on Rousey’s coaches who prepared her to box Nunes – the greatest striker in the Women’s division. Rousey didn’t stand a chance on her feet against Nunes and should’ve implemented a different strategy to try to take on a fighter who packs such a punch. In the end this might have been the last fight of Rousey’s career and it’s clear to all sportsbook users that her coaches tarnished her last bout.