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Should Sports Betting Fans bet on McGregor?

The biggest online UFC betting – scratch that, the biggest sports betting event of the year is on the horizon. In less than two months’ time, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will square off at the T-Mobile Arena. The biggest name in MMA will face off against the biggest name in boxing, giving fight fans the bout they’ve been itching to see.

Unsurprisingly, the news has sent both worlds reeling. Boxing fans, promoters, and boxers themselves have come out against the fight, stating that it’s not a real boxing match – due to McGregor’s lack of professional boxing experience. MMA fans have come out in full force of their fighter, claiming that the Irishman has a legitimate shot against the greatest defensive boxer that has ever walked the face of the planet. But what do online betting sites have to say about this fight?

McGregor vs. Mayweather – Saturday, August 26th

When: 11:05 pm ET

Where: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

TV: PPV [Showtime]

Stream: Showtime Anytime

Sports Betting Odds:

Conor McGregor 9 ½ (+145)           +575

Floyd Mayweather 9 ½ (-165)          -850

Conor McGregor & The World of Online UFC Betting

As expected, the online UFC betting community has come out in full force behind McGregor. Most MMA fans have flooded Mayweather’s social media accounts, letting know the boxer not to take the Irishman seriously (something Money is fully aware of) and letting know boxing fans that they don’t know what’s coming.

One of the most interesting things that this fight has produced is McGregor’s nemesis coming out in support of McGregor. Seeing Nate Diaz publically stating that McGregor has a shot in this fight, and in a way give the man he hates a compliment, was arguably one of the most entertaining things we’ve seen all year.

However, there are other fighters who aren’t as confident in Connor’s abilities. Take Dominick Cruz, the recently dethroned bantamweight champion, who said that McGregor needs to get it done in the 1st, otherwise it’s game over for the Irishman. The odds-makers don’t exactly feel that way.

With each passing day, it seems that sports betting sites are giving McGregor a bigger and bigger shot. Granted, that might have something to do with the multitude of bettors who are willing to take a risk on the fighter.

McGregor’s coach recently stated that the fighter is ‘at his best’ when he’s being doubted, something every UFC fan knows. Kavanagh added that Floyd is far from perfect, and they’re simply focusing on how to capitalize on the windows Mayweather leaves open.

Floyd Mayweather & The World of Boxing

The fact that Mayweather is risking his undefeated record tells us something about how confident the fighter is about this paring. And just like the MMA community came out in support of theirs, the boxing world has been busy letting the public know that McGregor doesn’t stand a chance.

However, some boxers have actually come out in favor of McGregor. Tyson Fury, an undefeated heavyweight boxer stated that McGregor will actually KO Floyd. This might have more to do with Mayweather’s persona rather than some insight from Fury.

See, like the world of UFC – and Nate Diaz in particular, was forced to root for McGregor, the boxing world was forced to do the same. There’s no doubt that McGregor is disliked, but there’s no denying his style is infectious. There’s something about a man who will step in a cage against anyone at any time that demands our respect, something Floyd has never done.

Mayweather, like McGregor, has an abundance of haters. However, those haters don’t respect Mayweather. And say what you want about McGregor, but you have to respect him. This lack of respect from the boxing community forces some to root for the Irishman because at the end of the day, everyone wants to see Money lose.