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Shevchenko Pulls Off Upset

Sportsbook users who bet on UFC’s Valentina Shevchenko to upset Holly Holm are feeling pretty confident right now. In a stunning upset Shevchenko was able to beat Holm at her own game. Now in the face of defeat, and a tarnished legacy, Holm must look to the future in hopes of making any progress towards another title. Holm’s name was enough to draw in an audience that averaged 2.45 million viewers from 8-10 pm ET, the largest overnight ratings the UFC has had in 18 months. While the UFC might still be reeling over those results it can’t be certain that Holm’s name will be able to garner such a large crowd in the future, especially after this loss. With this victory Shevchenko is poised to challenge Amanda Nunes and most fans will bet on UFC’s Bantamweight Title to swap hands once more.

Although Holm started strong by landing a right hook that sent Shevchenko the ground, Shevchenko eventually took control and dictated how the next 4 rounds would go. While Holm’s size prevented the South American from succeeding her takedowns, Shevchenko was able to dominate Holm in a matchup of former professional kickboxers. Other than the early hook that sent her stumbling to the ground, Shevchenko was able to counter everything that Holm had in store for her. The fight went the full five rounds and while Shevchenko was the clear winner from the second round onwards that distinction was most prevalent during the fifth round. In the last round a desperate Holm, who knew she was behind in points, began to rely too heavily on her left kick. While it might be her most powerful strike she was never able to land it as Shevchenko evaded it effortlessly. The more Holm missed the more tired she became and Shevchenko was able to take advantage of a fatigued opponent. Eventually she began to counterstrike and the South American proved herself worthy of the nickname ‘Bullet’ by out-striking the former champion 110 – 69. Holm’s loss came by unanimous decision from all three judges – and anyone who watched the bout.

‘The Preachers Daughter’ is now facing consecutive losses for the first time in her storied fighting career. While Holm was hoping to be in contention for the Bantamweight Title, she will more than likely be facing either Miesha Tate or Ronda Rousey – whenever Rousey makes her return – instead of the current champ Nunes. While she remains one of the biggest names of women’s UFC, Holm will now have to win her next fight or risk losing her fame. In a division that is seeing such emerging talent sportsbook users might not be so quick to pick Holm as the favorite for their bet on UFC’s Fight Night.

With this win ‘Bullet’ is now at the forefront of challenging Nunes for the Bantamweight Title. Last time they faced each other Nunes came out on top and went on to win the title. While Shevchenko has been quick to voice her excitement for a rematch, Nunes has been even quicker responding. Nunes stated over social media that she would beat Shevchenko again and with greater ease. Nunes also went as far as to say that Shevchenko hasn’t proven herself and that instead of contending for the title she should face Julianna Peña. While some fans might dismiss her comments as trash-talk others might be inclined to think the champ is scared of facing ‘Bullet’. After the way she performed against Holm who wouldn’t be.