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Online UFC Betting Storylines As We Head into the Weekend

Posted by: Charlie Smith
UFC Betting Storylines As We Head into the Weekend

Some very interesting online UFC betting news has come out in recent days that shed some light into what we can expect in the upcoming mega-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

Pauli Malignaggi, a two-weight boxing world champion who had been enrolled by McGregor’s camp to help the Irishman prepare for his upcoming boxing match, has decided to no longer participate in McGregor’s sparring session.

Malignaggi took issue with some of the social media posts coming out of McGregor’s camp. Specifically, the former champion did not enjoy a post that made it seem like McGregor had bested him and earned a brutal knockdown.

Players who bet on MMA are more than familiar with McGregor’s head games. Unfortunately for Malignaggi, the same cannot be said about the boxing community.

To be fair, this was not your average sparring session. Malignaggi had come into McGregor’s crosshairs back when the rumors about the Mayweather-McGregor boxing match had first started appearing. Malignaggi found McGregor’s callout of boxing’s finest extremely disrespectful, and chose to counter McGregor’s callout with one of his own.

“I’ll knock Conor McGregor’s beard off,” Malignaggi stated back then.

This led McGregor to seek out Malignaggi personally, in order to – as the Irishman put it, answer to what he’s been saying

For those who haven’t been following the news, it’s clear that the sparring sessions have been far from that definition. McGregor was preparing for an all-out war and Malignaggi was not backing down.

The tweet put out by McGregor’s side, as seen above, makes it seem like the Irishman successfully knocked down the former champion. Malignaggi took issue with this and promptly took to social media to defend his status.

Since the news has broken, Malignaggi has taken it upon himself to defend his honor, engaging in twitter beefs with even the most common fans. It’s clear that he’s ego has been hurt, but what is unclear is whether or not the knock down was from a blow as the first tweet makes it seem, or from a shove as Malignaggi claims.

Whatever it may be, one thing is clear: Malignaggi will no longer be helping McGregor prepare for the bout with Mayweather.

Apart from trying to defend his honor, Malignaggi has been rather professional about the dilemma. He hasn’t really been slandering McGregor – only his camp and the way they’ve handled this situation, and he has been keeping his mouth shut about training details, something most of the online UFC betting community would rather see leaked.

Other Online UFC Betting News

As we prepare for the weekend, another storyline has begun to develop.

Woodley, who lost his opportunity to fight GSP due to a lackluster performance against Demian Maia, has been placed under medical suspension due to the shoulder injury the welterweight champion suffered in his recent title defense. Initially ruled as a7-day suspension, CSAC has officially extended it to 180 days.

It will be a while before we see Tyron in the cage, which might be more of a positive than negative. In regards to the champ leaking secrets, well both UFC betting sites and fans should forget about that story.

“I steel feel like he should apologize publicly,” Woodley told ESPN, reflecting on a recent phone conversation him and Dana White had. “But I’m not going to hold my breath. The conversation ended with respect and that was really my goal. Dana knows all about talking off emotion.

“Did I really plan on leaking stuff? Probably not. But at the time, I was mad and it sounded good.”

With this uneducated stunt, Woodley continues to lose stock amongst online UFC betting fans.