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Online UFC Betting Recaps 214’s Madness

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
UFC 214 Recap betting madness

The biggest online UFC betting event of the year came and went and it did not disappoint – except the co-headlining match of the night.

Tyron Woodley was expected to come in and dominate Demian Maia, a jiu-jitsu specialist. Woodley managed to do just that, from a defensive point of view. In the end, Woodley etched out a decision to an overwhelming about of boos from the audience.

But apart from that lackluster performance, the night was one for sportsbook fans to remember. Let’s take a look at how UFC 214 turned out.

Brian Ortega def. Renato Moicano via Submission [3rd || 2:59]

This bout ended up winning the fight of the night bonuses and for very good reason. Ortega and Moicano were fearless in their approach and exchanged blows for three rows. Their striking wasn’t the most precise, but what they lacked in technique they made up for in pure tenacity.

Moicano attempted a takedown late in the third that quickly spelled defeat for him as Ortega’s jiu-jitsu instincts took over, choking Moicano via a guillotine choke – seemingly without effort.

Ricardo Lamas def. Jason Knight via TKO [1st || 4:34]

This was the headlining match of the online UFC betting undercard and it was dynamic to say the least. Those who bet on MMA have been keeping an eye out for Jason Knight due to his ferociousness, but Ricardo Lamas ended up stealing all the hype with a vicious knockout within the 1st round. Knight had suffered an ATV accident leading up to the fight that might have impacted his performance.

Volkan Oezdemir def. Jimi Manuwa via KO [1st || 0:42]

Jimi Manuwa was placed on this card in case anything happened to UFC 214’s headlining match. Because the UFC had to reschedule Cormier vs. Jones 2 so many times, Dana White wanted to have a backup in case things went south.

The card ended up in tact, but things went south for Manuwa real quick. The British fighter had been gaining a big following and many online UFC betting fans felt that a title shot was a win or two away. However, Oezdemir’s mauling of Manuwa puts that title shot out of reach.

The Swiss fighter caught Manuwa with a couple of shots in the clinch before finishing him off with some well-placed Strikes. Apart from Brock Lesnar, Jones might soon have to face Oezdemir.

Robbie Lawler def. Donald Cerrone via Unanimous Decision

 (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

This fight had a considerable amount of hype building up to it. Both fighters lived up to their reputation by delivering a fierce brawl. However, both Cerrone and Lawler looked winded towards the end of the fight, delivering an unspectacular decision finish. Nevertheless, fans were still left wanting more.

 Cristiane Justino def. Tonya Evinger via TKO [3rd || 1:56]

Tonya Evinger won all of our hearts by stepping into the cage to face Cyborg without flinching. Once in there, she proceeded to win us over some more with a defiant performance.

It was clear to anyone that watched that she was outmatched: Cyborg’s striking is some of the best in both the men and women’s division. However, Evinger’s heart never quit but after sustaining too much damage, her body had to. A knee to the face in the third, followed up by some ground and pound, assured that Cyborg would go on to win the belt that has had her name on it for a longtime.

Tyron Woodley def. Demian Maia via Unanimous Decision

 (50-45, 49-46, 49-46)

This fight was a throwback to the early days of the MMA and it made us remember why today’s UFC is so much more entertaining. Nothing against Maia, who laid it all on the line, but the Brazilian’s one-dimensional game proved too easy for the title-holder to defend. Woodley may not have lost the belt in the fight, but he may have lost something more important: his reputation and a nice payday.

On his way to a title fight in the welterweight division, Woodley became a fan favorite to watch because of his ability to delivering skull-crushing blows that often paved the way to a walk-off knockout. However, since winning the belt, Woodley has adapted a much more mental approach to the game, one that mimics Floyd Mayweather’s defense first philosophy. Unfortunately, people hated Mayweather’s style of fighting, and they hate Woodley for it as well.

It was clear in the fight that Woodley was the superior athlete, and a calculated risk would have gotten him a knockout. However, Woodley chose to play it safe in every definition of the word, choosing to edge out a decision victory. The crowd responded appropriately; constant boos, flashing cell phones, and even a ‘boring’ chant.

Jon Jones def. Daniel Cormier via KO [3rd || 3:01]

 This was the fight online UFC betting fans around the world had been waiting for, and it was everything we expected. Both Cormier and Jones looked the best they had ever been and it took 3 rounds for it all to come to an end.

The first round was hard to score, simply because of how close it was. Both fighters exchanged heavy blows and through the first two rounds all that could be said was that the score was tied 1-1.

Then came a massive head-kick in the third round from Jones. Cormier, who was looking to block a body shot, was visibly stunned and Jones capitalized, quickly tripping up the disoriented champ.

Once on the ground, Jones proceeded to put on a devastating ground-and-pound performance. Big Jon McCarthy allowed the fight to go on as long as possible, giving us a controversy-free finish to the biggest fight of the year.

Cormier struggled to recover from the damage he received. Once on the mic, Jones paid the former champ the respect he deserved, while also showing the new and mature Jon Jones.