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Online UFC Betting Recap of UFC’s 1st Annual Retreat

This past weekend, the UFC held its first ever annual Athlete Retreat Las Vegas. Over 300 members attended, and with that many fighters crowded together in a small venue, some interesting things are bound to happen. Needless to say, some online UFC betting headlines were made.

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Heading into this past weekend, the majority of headlines revolved around McGregor signing his end of the anticipated boxing bout against Floyd Mayweather. Since then, not much has changed other than Mayweather making some backhand comments about who he’d like to see on the undercard of that fight. In the absence of development from that story, Cris Cyborg took matters into her own hands to ensure that players who bet on MMA would have something to mull over.

Cyborg Goes Robocop

At the UFC Retreat, Cris took the opportunity to get up close and ask Angela Magana a very personal question. Specifically, Cyborg had taken issue with some of Magana’s social media posts that insulted Cyborg’s appearance.

However, it should be noted that the tweet in question was found insulting for more than just the ghastly comparison it makes. The photo that shows Cyborg was making a visit to cancer patients in Brazil. Not only was the fighter going out of her way for a righteous cause, Cyborg’s father also suffers from the disease. No doubt the emotional attachment to the photo caused Cyborg’s emotional confrontation. Shortly after approaching Magana, Cyborg proceeded to punch the fighter who is at least 30 lbs. lighter than the lightweight phenom.

However, Magana did not have the reaction you would expect from a UFC Fighter. Instead of standing up for herself, Magana decided to unleash a social media tirade that made her seem rather yellow-bellied.

“I was the victim of roid rage today. Hope it was worth your job,” Magana tweeted. “Sue happy lawyers hitting me up left and right now.”

Online UFC betting fans may disagree, but if you’re going to sue someone for getting confrontational, maybe you shouldn’t be in the fight game.

Kajan Johnson Confronts Dana

UFC Lightweight Kajan Johnson also attended the UFC retreat, and keeping in line with the atmosphere Cyborg put forth, Jonson decided to speak his mind – during a company meeting.

The UFC brought out its fighters in front of a panel of representatives to discuss the finer points of the UFC-Reebok deal. Before the deal went into effect, fighters had the leisure to select their own sponsorships, and make as much money as they possibly could. However, when the deal went into effect, fighters were prohibited from using sponsors other than the one’s the UFC had. To put things in perspective, this would be like watching NASCAR with all the cars painted with the same sponsors – rather odd no?

Johnson decided to speak his mind and once the presentation concluded, during what appears to be a Q&A session, Johnson stated the following:

“You guys are paying us almost nothing. I lost 80% of my sponsorship money when that deal signed. So I want to know how you can justify that?”

Johnson was soon escorted out of the meeting following his statements.