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No Online UFC Betting Love for Cormier at UFC 210

As online UFC betting fans prepare to see two of the baddest fighters currently signed to the promotional company go toe-to-toe this upcoming weekend, we can sit back and reflect how the light-heavyweight division got to where it currently is. There’s no denying that Daniel Cormier, the current light-heavyweight title holder, is one of the most talented fighters and champions the UFC has ever had, especially when considering his impressive resume as a two-time Olympian. But even with these considerable accomplishments, Cormier is ubiquitously considered to be one of the least liked fighters in the UFC.

Latest News for Those who Bet on MMA

UFC president Dana White has a hard time understanding the subtle nuisances that cause some fighters to turn into fan favorites and others to go unnoticed and even despised. But in the case of Cormier, White is actually stunned that one of his poster boys has a bad repertoire.

“It’s the weirdest thing that he has not been embraced by the fans,” White stated in an interview with The Herd this past Wednesday. “He’s a great guy. He’s very well spoken and his fights are exciting. Cormier is an exciting fighter. It’s a weird thing.”

A Nation Against DC

Perhaps the online UFC betting community dislikes Cormier because the current champion is commonly referred to DC. In a day and age were the President’s approval rating is at an all-time low, it seems plausible that the nation would dislike anything that reminds them of the government, specifically the capital. There’s not much information to validate this hypothesis, but it still seems like a plausible, coherent theory.

But putting aside wild and unsubstantiated claims, could it be that Cormier’s outstanding persona is what keeps fans at bay. The most popular fighters in the UFC; McGregor, the Diaz brothers, Tony Ferguson, all have a reputation for being outspoken and ‘bad boys’. Is Cormier’s stellar personality turning off MMA betting fans?

Nice Guys Finish Last

“They like the bad boy, Jon Jones.” White elaborated during the same interview. Jones is the former champion of the light-heavyweight division, and is the fighter Cormier replaced. Replaced is the appropriate word, since Jones never lost the belt.

“Last time we had a press conference for those two, they were cheering Jon Jones and booing Cormier. It’s fascinating. I don’t get what it is.”

Jones never lost to Cormier, but Jones extracurricular activities got him into some unforgiveable trouble. A hit-and-run involving a pregnant woman assured that Jones would relinquish the belt and the Athletic Commission swiftly handed Jones a suspension. Jones’ will be eligible to compete later on this year, and will likely face whoever wins at UFC 210.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see online UFC betting fans prefer a rambunctious fighter over one who’s well-behaved. Johnson, Cormier’s opponent, is also known for being one of the cleanest fighters in the UFC. So with two clean-shaven fighters facing each other, who will MMA fans side with?