McGregor Comes One Step Closer to Facing Mayweather

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
McGregor Comes One Step Closer to Facing Mayweather

Most bookmakers online would be hard pressed to give MMA fighter Conor McGregor a snowball’s chance in hell of not getting his Irish arse handed to him by retired boxer Floyd Mayweather in a potential boxing match – even if the Notorious One has indeed been issued a boxing license by the great state of California. In this case, a boxing license is like James Bond’s license to kill; if you need it, you have it, but you’re not expected to actually use it unless it is the absolute last resort. And if we know Conor McGregor – and we don’t – he is most likely to use it as leverage against the UFC than to finagle his way to a boxing match.

And speaking of using deadly force, boxing promoter Bob Arum thinks that McGregor “would be killed” if he were to box Mayweather – at least according to British tabloid The Sun, which also captioned a photo of a $100 million dollar check dubbing it a “£100million cheque,” so let’s take that with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, it would be awesome if Money were to channel Ivan Drago and say, “I cannot be defeated. I defeat all man. Soon… I defeat real Champion. If he dies, he dies.” Just in case, though, if the fight ever happens (spoiler: it won’t), they should make it To the Pain, and not To the Death.

Arum, however, is not the only one who would “warn (McGregor) about the huge odds against him.” According to several bookmakers online, you would have to risk $2250 worth of sportsbook online betting on Mayweather to make a meager $100. In stark contrast, you would stand to win $950 off a $100 bet on McGregor. In other words, Mac would be something he has not been in a very, very long time; an underdog. “But what about the boxing license?” someone might ask, “do they give those to anybody?” Well, if they follow the same criteria as drivers’ licenses and gun permits, then yes, hypothetical inquirer, they do give them to anybody. Not to say that McGregor is just anybody, of course. On the contrary, he is someone. Someone rich. And famous. So he has the wherewithal to grease the wheels should the need to do so arise.

McGregor is also arguably the best in the world at what he does – it just so happens to be what he does is mixed martial arts and not boxing, which are not the same thing. Let’s illustrate it thus: If Mac were an animal he would probably a lion. The problem is, as far as most bookmakers online are concerned, Money is a Tiger. And as anyone who has read the corresponding Wikipedia article, in a Tiger versus Lion fight, the former usually wins. And finally, there is always the possibility that that vaunted boxing license is what CEO of Mayweather promotions Leonard Ellerbe calls “a masterful con job to try to trick people that he could actually pull this off.” And McGregor does need to convince certain key people; namely, his UFC bosses.