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Latest Online UFC Betting News Heading into the Weekend

While sportsbook fans anxiously await the next online UFC betting event the promotion throws at us, (UFC 211 on May 13th) those who bet on MMA can keep up to the date with the latest callouts, trash-talking, and developments that are happening in the world of MMA. Of course, most people are waiting on the latest news involving the mega-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. However, it’s clear that news involving that crossover fight have died down a bit. And in the absence of any progress, players are left with no choice but to focus on other matchups.

Latest Online UFC Betting News & Predictions

Perhaps the most interesting fight that the UFC has on deck is the pairing between Michael Bisping, the current Middleweight Champion, and George St. Pierre, a UFC legend. Unfortunately, like the McGregor-Mayweather fight, we do not have a set date for this Middleweight title fight.

“It’ll be a little bit later in the year.” Britain’s first UFC champion said during his latest episode of Believe You Me podcast. “Listen, we had a press conference. The fans want it, he wants [it], I want it. It’ll be a big payday. Make a lot of money. I don’t think it’ll be [in] July. I’m 99 percent certain on that. A couple more months later – maybe October.”

“But it’s now looking like October is probably more likely.”

So even though we do not have a confirmed date for this bout, the amount of publicity the UFC has thrown behind this matchup is enough of a guarantor for online UFC betting fans.

When An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object

There’s a reason the latest news regarding the Mayweather-McGregor have died down a bit. According to a Showtime executive, the negotiations between both parties are ‘at a standstill’.

“It’s largely at a standstill,” Stephen Espinoza, Executive Vice President of Showtime Sports, recently told Chris Mannix on Mannix’s podcast. “There hasn’t been a ton of progress and I think if they don’t move relatively quickly, people may move on. People may tire of it.”

That’s certainly true. Appealing as the fight may be, online UFC betting fans aren’t known as the most patient bunch. If the back-and-forth between McGregor and Mayweather doesn’t amount to much, eventually people will forget and it will go down in history as one of the greatest fights that could’ve happened.

“But it really is something that needs to happen this year or it probably won’t happen. Floyd’s on 18 months, two solid years come September since he’s fought. He’s still in great shape, but at a certain point, he’s not gonna do it after a while.”

The biggest obstacle has to be money in this fight. With both parties considering themselves the A-side, neither wants to budge. In the end, McGregor may have the upper hand. The Irishman is in his prime and although the UFC doesn’t have anyone who can pull as much money as Mayweather can, McGregor is in no way shape or form financially unstable.