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Johnson Keeps Looking for KOs & Other UFC Betting News

Posted by: Mike Davis
UFC Night Fight 109 Odds - Johnson Looks to Keep Knocking People Out

UFC Fight Night 109, the promotion’s next upcoming event, will be held on Sunday, May 28th. Until then, players who bet on MMA will have to keep their minds content with all the latest UFC news. Not much has happened around the promotion, with the latest UFC headlines all focusing on the latest callouts, potential fights, and surprisingly enough, medicinal marijuana facilities.

Latest Online UFC Betting News & Previews

Those who have been keeping up with Anthony Johnson’s story, post-UFC, should have no problem understanding the marijuana reference. Johnson, who had arguably the most brutal knockouts in the UFC, is looking to transfer his raw knockout power into some raw cannabis. To say that this move came out of left field is a radical understatement, and it’s taken the entire online UFC betting community by surprise. However, accounting for Johnson’s recent comments regarding him not ‘being a fighter’, it makes perfect sense for the former light heavyweight to seek a much mellower career.

Johnson Looks to Keep Knocking People Out

It is a little ironic seeing a star athlete go from knocking people out inside a cage to try and go knock someone out on their couch. Johnson was one of the few fighters in the UFC who can be considered a class act; someone who refrained from making vulgar comments or engaging in petty trash talk, opting to treat the UFC as a business instead of an alpha male contest. Because of this, it is shocking to see him decide to pursue a medical marijuana facility.

“My friend Paul, he’s in Canada, and we’re opening up a facility – you know what I mean,” Johnson stated on Heated Conversations, a podcast hosted by Booker T. “It’s for medical usage. We’re just waiting on that law to pass, and whenever it passes, we’re golden.”

“We’re playing our cards right. We are playing by the books, so that way there is no issue.”

Johnson is a very ‘by the book’ kind of guy, so it’s not at all surprising seeing him take this approach in whatever walk of life he pursues. It’s going to be hard imagining Johnson behind a counter selling weed, but maybe he can ask the Diaz brothers for some help.

Other Online UFC Betting News Around the Globe

While Johnson gets set to move to Canada and start a new business venture, other fighters are preparing for their next upcoming bouts. Specifically, Tyron Woodley, who is set to face Demian Maia in his next title defense. Online UFC betting fans recently witnessed Maia’s jiu-jitsu on display when the Brazilian dominated Jorge Masvidal for 5 rounds, simply by wrapping him from behind and never letting go.

Well Woodley got a good look at the ‘backpack lock’ Maia used on Masvidal, and has decided to specifically train against that move by employing some humorous methods. Woodley has decided to strap a weighted backpack to his back during workouts, telling the world through his Instagram account that that puppy ain’t coming off.