Is Brock Lesnar Really Retired & What’s Next for Daniel Cormier

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Lesnar is Retired

Some recent UFC betting online news has left fans in a haze. While we were all anxiously looking forward to Daniel Cormier defending his title against none other than Brock Lesnar, it appears that bout will not be coming to fruition. Apparently Lesnar has officially retired from the UFC, much to the displeasure of sportsbook betting fans. So what does this mean for DC going forward? And while Lesnar is retired, is there anyway the WWE superstar might change his mind?

UFC Betting Bombshell of the Week: Lesnar is Retired

“He told me he’s done, he’s retired,” UFC president Dana White told ESPN on Tuesday, breaking the news to the UFC betting online community. “We’re going to move in another direction with Cormier.”

News of a lucrative bout between current UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier and Lesnar began to heat up back in July 2018. After his history knockout of Stipe Miocic which saw DC become the second double-champ in UFC history, Lesnar walked into the cage and tried to shove his way into a big payday. It was a bit of a rumble best encapsulated by the look on Joe Rogan’s astonished face.

However, talks of that fight soon died down following that spectacle. Lesnar continued his work within the WWE while Cormier jumped on the opportunity to defend his title against Derrick Lewis. And while Lewis is a phenomenal fighter in his own right, you cannot compare his work ethic to Cormier’s. In the end the bout between DC and Lewis turned out exactly how every legal betting fan was expecting. Additionally, DC was still left looking for a big payday that would come from a fight with Lesnar.

Ultimately the news that Lesnar is retired should hit DC the hardest. After all, Cormier talked about how he would retire on a set date and basically pushed it back to allow this fight to materialize. In doing this, Lesnar has become the parent who promises a gift to their children only to never come through with it. So what does this mean for the champ going forward?

Who Will Cormier Defend His Title Against Next?

While Cormier may not be happy about the news, there’s no question that Stipe Miocic is celebrating Lesnar’s decision to leave the promotion. While Miocic has yet to publicly comment on this news, he hasn’t’ heisted to let the world know he’s ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

Ultimately Miocic is the only name that makes sense for DC to fight. Because of his previous statements regarding retirement, we know that Cormier has only a couple of fights left. All in all, it wouldn’t be surprising to see DC fight one more time and then call it quits. Albeit, if Cormier wins one more fight he’ll be one away from tying the record for most defends in the heavyweight division. All in all that might be enough to keep Cormier vested in this brutal sport.

Certain media outlets are reporting that both fighters have verbally agreed to the bout. All things considered, this bout is unlikely to change given the toughness of both sides. As of now, the online UFC betting odds are favoring DC slightly over Miocic.