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Some Intriguing Online UFC Betting News

Posted by: Charlie Smith
UFC Betting News

The online UFC betting community is still reeling from the MMA sportsbook madness that was UFC 214. From Oezdemir’s mauling of Manuwa, to Jonny Jones Bones reclaiming his light heavyweight belt, the night is still fresh in the minds of fans.

However, the latest news from the UFC cannot be ignored. Tyron Woodley, who was booed out of the cage this past weekend, has taken arms up against the president of the UFC.

Woodley’s Disgruntled Comments

Following this Saturday’s event, Dana White took to the post-fight press conference to shed some light on his disdain with the co-headlining fight of the night.

“You broke a record tonight – that speaks for itself,” White told reporters, referencing to the least amount of strikes thrown in a title fight record that was set by the Woodley-Maia bout this past weekend. “I believe Woodley could’ve finished that in the first round. If not, he definitely could’ve finished the fight in the second round.”

White is the promoter of his fighters, so it’s not necessarily a good idea to get on a microphone and rip his fighter’s public image apart. That said, White has to be getting tired of lackluster performances from behalf of Woodley, because those who bet on MMA certainly are.

The last fight against Stephen Thompson was devastatingly boring and this past Saturday’s fight against Maia got even harsher feedback from the fans – you know, the people keeping the promotion in business.

“It’s easy to say a win is a win,” White continued at the post-fight presser. “But when you get booed out of an arena, it means people don’t want to watch you fight. And that’s how you make a living – not good if people don’t want to watch you fight.”

White’s comments truly drive the message home. Sure, Woodley is the belt holder and its Maia’s job to come and get it from him. However, if Woodley keeps defending the belt in this matter, given how dynamic he can be, there might not be too many online UFC betting fans wiling to watch his next event – let alone fork over $60 for the PPV.

Naturally, Woodley – who has a long history of butting heads with the UFC’s president, took issue with White’s comments. Woodley thought he delivered an eye-catching performance, despite the low-strike count, claiming that he was able to hold off a myriad of takedown attempts from one of the best in the business.

Woodley went on to demand a public apology from Dana White, something the promoter has never done in his past. Online UFC betting fans interest in catching Woodley’s angry tirade can catch the clip down below.

Ariel Helwani first broke the news as he was the one interviewing Woodley on his show, The MMA Hour. Woodley explained that he was peeved because White was refusing to promote him, opting to harm his public image despite the fact that he just defeated two fighters on 7-fight win streaks.

It’s a long interview but the first couple of minutes will basically cover the entire spiel. Woodley is ticked off at White’s comments and has threated to start leaking behind-the-scenes knowledge – the type of stuff the promotion doesn’t want getting out.

That would be interesting to see to say the least. Helwani certainly thinks we’re headed in that direction.