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Interim Title Fight For UFC 206

Even though the online UFC betting community received some disheartening news late Friday afternoon regarding the cancellation of Anthony Johnson vs. Daniel Cormier 2, over the weekend the UFC would break some news that some fans found even more disappointing. In spite of the fact that Conor McGregor bragged about the UFC needing an army to take a belt away from him, the Irishman has officially relinquished the UFC Featherweight Title. McGregor’s time as a two-division champion was short lived but it was historic. McGregor achieved what no one else had and what few MMA sportsbooks thought was possible. In the end, McGregor never lost his title and handing the belt of to the runner-up, in this case Jose Aldo, is in no way honorable to the recipient. Notorious will be out of the octagon until 2017 and even then it’s uncertain how active McGregor will be since he’s entering fatherhood for the first time. But now that the UFC Featherweight Title has been vacated, some very interesting things have been set in motion for UFC 206.

Even though McGregor gave up his 145-pound belt he still retains his Lightweight Title for the 155-pound division. However, the belt goes to the person who’s next in line, Jose Aldo. Aldo had recently been making headlines about the lack of respect the UFC was showing him. Basically Aldo wanted a rematch for the title with McGregor and McGregor was interested in bigger and better things. Now, Aldo has his title but the matter in which he earned it is not satisfactory for someone in the fighting game. We’re not sure what Aldo will do but he’ll be earning title bonuses in his next fight. Whether or not Aldo is worth a bet on UFC money lines is uncertain, but while fans figure out that predicament they can turn their attention the Lightweight Interim Title fight that will now be headlining UFC 206. Let’s check the MMA sportsbook odds to see what they’re predicting for the bout between Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis.

MMA Odds – UFC 206 – Saturday, December 10th

Anthony Pettis 2½ (-225) +140
Max Holloway 2½ (+185) -160

Pettis and Holloway are the next contenders within the 145-lb division. Aldo becomes the undisputed champion, and these two will duke it out to see who gets to challenge him for his title first. This fight will replace the riveting rematch that was scheduled between Cormier and Johnson since Johnson pulled out with an injury. The MMA sportsbooks are backing Holliday on this one, but what does each fighters’ record have to say?

Looking over both these fighters’ past it’s clear that the odds were right in backing Holloway. At 19-5 Pettis may have more MMA wins, but he also has more loses. Holloway will be coming into this contest at 16-3. However, Holloway hasn’t lost a fight since facing McGregor back in 2013; that’s 9 straight wins. Pettis may have won his last bout against Charles Oliveira, but he lost the three previous fights.