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The Importance of Trash-Talk in Online UFC Betting

One of the biggest aspects of the MMA world that attracts online UFC betting fans is trash talking. Trash talking has been an integral part of the combat world since the very first days of bare-knuckle boxing. The ability to get inside the head of your opponent is invaluable, and can oftentimes make winning that much easier. But aside from the in-fight benefits that it provides, there’s no denying that trash talking adds a level of panache to a fight that makes it all that more interesting.

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While on one hand, trash talking can damage the reputation of a promotion, due to the excessive expletives and non-cordial language that are often dropped during exchanges. However, there’s a reason the UFC and other companies allow their fighters to say whatever pops into their mind, and that reason is profit.

Selling the Fight

Conor McGregor is the biggest name in the UFC. Apart from consistently backing up his outlandish claims, (like telling people you’ll be the first dual-division champion in the promotion) McGregor has a knack for laying it on people. A quick YouTube search will reveal thousands of edited videos all dedicated to showing the best McGregor zingers – and there’s a whole bunch of them. But McGregor isn’t looking just to break his opponent mentally; McGregor is looking to sell the fight as best as he can. There’s no hope denying that a brawl between two people who have been going at each other’s necks for the last three months is infinitely more entertaining than a cordial matchup between two polite fighters.

Who’s the Best of the Lot?

But since fighting is an ‘Alpha-male’ sport, there’s no shortage of fighters looking to engage in verbal conflict. With so many fighters cussing each other out, online UFC betting fans are left wondering who the best trash-talker in the promotion is. Enter ‘Big’ John McCarthy, the man referring the biggest fights in the UFC and a household name for those who bet on MMA. McCarthy is now entering his third decade of MMA officiating and with such an extensive resume there’s no denying that McCarthy has heard it all, especially since he is literally inside the cage.

“Nick and Nate, [referencing the Diaz brothers] they tend to call people ‘b—-‘ a lot,” McCarthy recently stated during an interview on MMAjunkie Radio. “‘How’s that, b—-?’ They talk… At times, it’s hard for me not to laugh.”

Hearing that the Diaz brothers – the UFC’s bad boys, are one of the best trash talkers comes as no surprise. It’s easy to sympathize with McCarthy as well as I would not be able to hold back my laughter as either Nick or Nate are antagonizing their opponent.

“Conor is the one – he’ll sit there and say, ‘Oh, that hurt, didn’t it? How’d that feel?”