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Headlines Ahead of UFC 205

As November rolls on, we inch closer and closer to the US’s election date. But to online MMA betting fans there is a more momentous occasion looming on the horizon. There’s no denying that this year’s election cycle is the biggest in the history of the United States, but UFC 205 is indubitably the most significant event in the history of the sport. The results of this year election will have a paramount effect on the world, and if UFC 205 turns out the way the promotional company is hoping it does, it will have a supreme impact on MMA.

There have been numerous headlines ahead of UFC 205. Some involving the Notorious Conor McGregor, other involving Ronda Rousey – one of the most beloved female MMA fighters on the planet. Rousey captivated the hearts of online MMA betting fans when she won the UFC’s Women’s Bantamweight Title, and by generally being one of the most beautiful, charming public figures in today’s society. Rousey will not be competing at UFC 205 but is scheduled to compete at UFC 207. Unfortunately, that bout will mark the last time UFC betting sites will have the honor of putting together lines for Ronda Rousey. Rousey announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her upcoming fight will indeed be her last, regardless of the outcome.

Even though Rousey’s news is salient, there have been other important news involving fighters scheduled to compete at UFC 205. Of course, any news involving UFC 205 will revolve around Conor McGregor. Recently there have been some rumors circulating around the media that McGregor will be announcing his retirement from the UFC shortly following 205. Those who were part of those rumors further speculated that McGregor’s retirement would be motivated by his girlfriend’s, Dee Devlin, pregnancy. Neither McGregor nor Devlin have announced any news to illuminate the fact that she has become pregnancy, so as things stand now these unsubstantiated rumors are nothing but hearsay. Regardless of how factual the rumors were, the media still made sure to question the Irishman at a recent conference call McGregor was having with international media. McGregor’s statements made it clear that no one should anticipate his upcoming moves.

“You’re absolutely crazy (for) even mentioning a click bait crowd like that,” McGregor passionately stated. “Look, stay tuned to what I’m announcing but, don’t be listening to people like that. People like that know nothing about what is going on here. My plan… I’ll reveal all in time.”

It’s been well publicized that McGregor would be making a ‘left-field’ announcement post-UFC 205. However, McGregor’s comments allude to the fact that his announcement will be completely unexpected and that there’s no sense trying to guess what the Irishman will make public following his bout. One thing’s clear, while online MMA betting fans will have to say farewell to Ronda Rousey, McGregor will still be sticking around for a long time.