The Future of the UFC Post-205

Posted by: Charlie Smith
The Future of the UFC Post-205

This past weekend, Conor McGregor laid it all on the line and achieved history. With his defiant win over Eddie Alvarez, the Irishman achieved what no one; not Chuck Liddell, not George St. Pierre, not Anderson Silva, had ever accomplished. McGregor is now the proud holder of two UFC division titles, and is now cemented as one of the greatest fighters, if not the greatest, to ever step inside the octagon. Online UFC betting fans that were able to tune in for UFC 205 should be grateful to have been able to witness history in the making. But with this seemingly unachievable hallmark now behind him, MMA betting sites are left wondering what’s next for the Irishman.

As we all know, Conor McGregor was waiting to finish the fight with Alvarez before making a large announcement about his career and ultimately his life. Although those who love who speculate pretty much guessed what McGregor was about to announce, in the end Notorious confirmed what many online UFC betting fans believed; McGregor is about to become a father. Upon announcing the birth of his future child, McGregor elaborated on the entire situation, mostly saying that he was unprepared for fatherhood and has no clue about how to approach the new chapter of his life. McGregor made sure to announce his hesitation about bringing a child into the atmosphere that surrounds the fight game; the trash talking, the expletives, and the unwavering watch of the media.

Although he expressed his concerns about continuing in the fight game with a child, McGregor also alluded to the fact that he would be open to another bout in the upcoming months. Specifically, McGregor talked about his freshness saying that the fight with Alvarez barely fazed him. Which is absolutely true; after the fight McGregor looked like he hadn’t even competed for a title, while Alvarez looked like had fought for his life and only lived because of the mercy of his opponent. The difference between the talents of McGregor and Alvarez were so outstanding that even the media defended McGregor to Dana White, saying that the Irishman deserves the opportunity to hang onto both belts.

Before 205 even happened, Dana White made it abundantly clear that McGregor would have to give up one of the belts, that he wouldn’t be able to defend both titles. But McGregor’s performance against Alvarez made it clear that the Irishman is in a league of his own, and frankly, there is no logical reason as to why McGregor should have to give up one of the belts. Sure other fighters deserve their shot at the title, but McGregor is a money making machine for the UFC. Every time he steps inside the octagon, the UFC is reeling in profits. So it would make sense, from a business point of view, to allow McGregor to hold onto both belts and defend them as often as possible. Both the UFC and McGregor would make a considerable amount of money, and McGregor’s legacy would continue to build. The only problem is that McGregor is well aware of his worth.

At the post-205 press conference McGregor made it crystal clear to online UFC betting fans that he wants more from the UFC, going as far as to state that he should be receiving some shares of the company. In fact, McGregor’s comments make it seem that he would rather give up a belt than step into the octagon receiving less than what he’s worth. Right now McGregor is in his prime, and with a family on the way the Irishman wants to make sure he and his family get what they’re entitled too. There’s no point in speculating from the outside, but the UFC will likely meet McGregor’s demands. It’s either that or watch your most sensational fighter walk away from the game.