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Early UFC 241 Betting Preview (Cormier vs. Miocic 2)

Posted by: Mike Davis
Early UFC 241 Betting Preview

While this weekend’s UFC on ESPN+ 14 betting action is quite intriguing, there’s no question that a majority of fans are looking ahead to UFC 241’s enticing rematch. After all, the heavyweight division is the one that carries the most UFC online betting weight. Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic will be facing off once again inside the cage with the reigning champ looking to add another title defense to his resume. Meanwhile, Miocic has had but one focus at the forefront of his mind for the last year and that’s to avenge what he considers to be a fluke. So what do the UFC odds have to say about this rematch? Let’s dive right into this Early UFC 241 betting preview.

UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2 – Saturday, August 17th

When: Main Card: 10:00 pm ET || Prelims: 8:00 pm ET || Early Prelims: 6:15 pm ET
Where: Honda Center, Anaheim, California
Stream: Drama on TNT, NBA League Pass

Early UFC 241 Betting Odds(Main Card)

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Fighter Odds Fighter Odds
 Stipe Miocic +125 Daniel Cormier -145

Betting Cormier

DC may open as the UFC online betting favorite but the favoritism is slight. Although Cormier was able to get the win over Miocic, it came in the first with 30 seconds to go in the round. Yea Cormier landed a nasty, well-rehearsed upper cut that earned him the title, but Miocic clearly had the upper hand before that. There’s no question Cormier is a great wrestler but Miocic wasn’t doing too bad against the former UFC light heavyweight champion. And since Miocic was getting the better of him on the feet, Cormier’s only option was to resort to a clinch.

The game plan and execution was crisp as Cormier landed it perfectly. Afterwards the newly crowned champion expounded on the fact that his team had eyed in on Miocic’s tendency to leave his chin in the air following the clinch. There’s no question that AKA has some of the best minds in the sport as well as some of the most dominant champs.

However, there is a particular eye poke that sticks out in hindsight. All in all, it would seem that Cormier resorted to a bit of an eye poke to level the playing field. Although Miocic was quick to brush the poke aside, it clearly affected his ability to see. Additionally, the eye that Cormier poked was the same eye that might have seen the incoming upper cut. Although it might sound like a conspiracy, it’s something to note. Most importantly, we want to see Cormier penalized if there is another accidental, yet strategic, eye poke.

Betting Miocic

Miocic’s toughness is beyond question. Not only does the man lock himself in a cage with the scariest heavyweights on the planet, he willingly runs into burning houses. But fighting fires may not help him when taking on the reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion. Despite the fact that he enters as the betting underdog, there’s a clear road to victory for Miocic. Not only is Miocic 5 inches taller than DC, he also enjoys an 8-inch reach advantage over the reigning champ. This gives him quite an advantage over Cormier, which was on full display the first time around. All in all, if Miocic is able to avoid an eye poke, he should be able to use this advantage to edge out a win over Cormier.