Cerrone & Masvidal’s Online MMA Betting Feud

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Cerrone vs. Masvidal betting odds Preview

While the fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Julianna Pena might be headlining UFC on Fox 23, online MMA betting fans may be looking forward more towards the co-headlining match of the night between Donald Cerrone and Jorge Masvidal. Shevchenko and Pena are still relatively new UFC fighters, and the feud between Cerrone and Masvidal has been heating up for a while. It might not be the biggest beef sportsbook fans have come to know, but the trash talk is certainly building up anticipation for their brawl.

Between the Twitter callouts and the expletive-laden media appearances, there are only a handful of people who bet on UFC that aren’t looking forward to both these fighters donning the gloves. Both Cerrone and Masvidal have a storied history in MMA and they are the furthest things from newcomers. So which veteran will the bookies favor in this weekend’s co-headlining match?

ONLINE MMA BETTING ODDS – UFC ON FOX 23 – Saturday, January 28th

Cowboy Cerrone 2½ (+190)   -150

Jorge Masvidal 2½ (-230)       +130

The sportsbooks have decided to favor Cerrone by a decent margin. Which is understandable, considering that ‘Cowboy’ has the bigger stardom of the two. Cerrone will be coming into this matchup with a 32-7 1 NC MMA record 1 that includes a 9-4 UFC record. Cerrone has built a reputation for being the busiest fighter in the UFC for consistently delivering 4 fights annually, a feat he has accomplished every year since 2013. However, Cerrone’s willingness to jump into the octagon has rubbed some fighters the wrong way, specifically; Jorge Masvidal.

“Cowboy’s took food from my plate twice,” Masvidal told FS1’s UFC Tonight’s hosts Daniel Cormier, Kenny Florian, and Miesha Tate. “Twice, I had two bout agreements against top-ranked opponents. For some reason they didn’t materialize and they ended up giving it to Cowboy.”

Cerrone didn’t mince words when asked about the bitter relationship. Cowboy admitted that the UFC did in fact give him two of Masvidal’s bouts. However, Cerrone didn’t accept the blame and pinned it on Masvidal’s lack of publicity amongst the online MMA betting community.

“His last two times, they took his opponent and gave him to me,” Cerrone elaborated on FS1. “Maybe you need to win more fights and get higher up in the rankings – I don’t know. The only reason you have this fight is because you were calling me out. So yeah, I called Dana and had to give your name.”

“So, you’re welcome.”

Not only did Cerrone blame Masvidal for receiving the short end of the deal when dealing with the UFC, he went on to rub it in his face by suggesting that Masvidal should be grateful that Cerrone even agreed to get inside the octagon with Masvidal.

Cowboy comes into this bout riding a sportsbook hot streak considering that the fighter went undefeated in 2016. Cowboy will be looking to keep the winning streak alive against an opponent that has won his last two fights in a row. Granted, Cerrone has been facing tougher opposition. But with the ongoing beef between these two veterans, Saturday night’s showdown should prove more than entertaining.