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Brian Ortega’s Disposition & Online UFC Betting Implications

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
An Image of Brian Ortega's Disposition

SAlthough every online UFC betting player on the planet is falling in love with him, Dana White hasn’t grown as fond of Brian Ortega. This is because of the debacle that we saw go down this past sports betting weekend at UFC 226. As we all remember, the hype surrounding that event was so intense you could almost touch it. Which was understandable, considering the lineup of Cormier vs. Miocic, Ortega vs. Holloway, and Ngannou vs. Francis. But in the end, the co-headlining bout of the night felt through due to an injury to current UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway.  Afterwards, Ortega refused to accept a fight that was not for the title. Was Brian Ortega’s disposition correct?

Brian Ortega’s Disposition: Good or Bad?

Although we all would’ve loved to have seen T-City put on a brilliant show, one has to take Ortega’s side into consideration. In the last year, Ortega has fought three times. In fact, the cancelled bout would’ve been his 4th fight in a year – which is pretty busy for a fighter with the UFC. So i

n other words, Ortega has been busting his butt to get himself into this position. And while taking the fight may have grown his brand, it wouldn’t have got him the belt. Considering the financial implications of having the belt, it’s perfectly understandable for Ortega to turn the fight down.

“I told him ‘Listen, I showed up, I’ve been cutting weight, I did all [the] media, even the media in Spanish that you guys – I had to double the work and do all that in Spanish,” Ortega stated during an interview on Showtime’s Below the Belt podcast hosted by former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. “Every fighter left, and I’m still stuck there doing everything in Spanish.”

Here Ortega was shedding some light into a conversation he had with UFC president Dana White following the announcement that Holloway would miss the bout. White, being the promoter that he is, was doing everything he could to save the bout. However, Ortega didn’t want to put himself at risk. The MMA fighter has put in a lot of time to line up a title shot and he certainly didn’t want to put that at risk just because White was trying to save a fight card. Ultimately, online betting players can see Ortega was in the right here.

Dana White’s Vitriolic Reaction

But instead of showing support for a fighter who has stepped up for the UFC countless times, White was more focused on getting things his way.

“I’ve been showing I’m a company man,” Ortega further elaborated in his interview with Schaub. “I’m down to promote the hell out of this fight, I’m taking extra hours while I’m hungry, starving to keep doing media. And I’ve been cutting weight, did the open workout, ready for media. I showed up. Don’t you think that’s worth something? That’s worth something, even if I didn’t take the fight. I go ‘I did my end of the deal.”

White’s response boiled down to him stating that his job is to line up fights and Ortega didn’t want to fight. Subsequently, White claimed Ortega didn’t do his job and ultimately didn’t pay him a cent. This is a big bummer for Ortega who had to pay his trainers out of his own pocket. Obviously the prize money would’ve helped in that regard. Instead, White is just making his employees more and more upset. If Bellator ever rises to the level of the UFC, it’s hard to imagine anyone would want to work for the guy.