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Battle of Europeans at UFC Fight Night 93

This past weekend the UFC saw Paige VanZant score a terrific switch-kick knockout, and this upcoming weekend the promotional company will be providing even more jaw-dropping sportsbook action. UFC Fight Night 93 has an action-packed fight card in store for fans, along with the long awaited return of the Swedish ‘Mauler’ Alexander Gustafsson. Gustafsson will be squaring up against a European rival, Jan Blachowicz. There were high expectations for the Polish Blachowicz within the UFC, but the 33-year old has failed to deliver, putting up an unimpressive record of 2-2. The two will be locking horns in the UFC’s first trip to Hamburg, a German city, on the 3rd of September. Let’s check in on the sports betting odds and see what they think about this pairing.

UFC Fight Night 93

Jan Blachowicz 2 ½ (+120) +525
Alexander Gustafsson 2 ½ (-140) -750

Even though Gustafsson hasn’t fought in nearly a year the sportsbooks are still favoring him heavily, which is a testament to how disappointing Blachowicz performance within the UFC has been. Interestingly enough the Swede hasn’t won a bout since March 2014 and will be looking to reclaim the title contender reputation that he was known for. Gustafsson last fought against the current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier in UFC 92 way back in October 2015. His loss to Cormier marked the second time the 29-year old had failed to claim the title. Both fighters have been performing poorly as of late and will be looking to climb the ladder in the light heavyweight division.

Although Blachowicz has been underperforming within the UFC, he is at least coming off a victory over Igor Pokrajac. Pokrajac may not be the most fearsome fighter within the division, but hey, a wins a win. Blachowicz overall record in MMA sits at 19-5 and a quick glance at his wins will reveal how well-rounded of a fighter the Pollack truly is. The 205 lb fighter has delivered 5 knockouts, 7 submissions, and 7 wins via decision. His losses on the other hand, reveal there are plenty of ways to overcome Blachowicz; he’s lost 3 by decision, as well as one knockout and one submission. Blachowicz isn’t the worst fighter in the UFC, even if the sportsbook odds say that he is.

Ultimately both fighters need a win to stay relevant within the UFC. Gustafsson may still own the #4 ranking within the 205 lb division, but if he isn’t able to put up a dominant performance against his opponent that ranking will certainly drop. ‘Mauler’ may have had title opportunities against Cormier and Jon Jones – whose recent tainted test results have been attributed to a generic erectile dysfunction pill – but if he is unable to come out on top at the Barclayd Arena, he may as well kiss his title contention days goodbye. Blachowicz, on the other hand, has failed to break the top 10 rankings within the division. Currently he is pegged at #15 overall and if he is able to pull off an upset the 33-year old may prove he still has plenty of gas left in the tank.