Bad Feelings Brew for Saturday’s Online UFC Betting Event

Posted by: Mike Davis
UFC 214: Cormier vs. Jones 2 Betting Analysis– Saturday, July 29th

Things got heated at the press conference for the biggest online UFC betting event of the year. This past Wednesday, the UFC held its presser for this upcoming weekend’s event – UFC 214. While things between the other title fights were fairly professional, Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones did not hesitate to take the low road.

UFC 214: Cormier vs. Jones 2 – Saturday, July 29th

When: Early Prelims: 6:30 pm ET || Prelims: 8 pm ET || Main Card: 10 pm ET

Where: Honda Center, Anaheim, California

TV: Early Prelims: UFC Fight Pass || Prelims: FXX || Main Card: PPV

Stream: UFC TV

Things got personal early on when a reporter asked Cormier to clarify some recent comments that DC had made regarding Jones’ past suspension from the sport.

Jones and DC were set to face each other at UFC 200 but Jones tested positive for a banned substance. Once the news broke, Jones took to Joe Rogan’s podcast to clarify the situation, confirming that it was from a pill Jones had taken to combat impotence.

It’s no online UFC betting secret that Jones has lived a party-filled, chaotic lifestyle for most of his career. Cormier’s logic  was that Jones was perfectly willing to do these things that would negatively impact his career, so why would he not choose to take illicit actions to positively impact his career?

The sportsbooks currently have Jones pegged as a heavy betting favorite over his archenemy.

Daniel Cormier 4 ½ (-165) +230 vs. Jon Jones 4 ½ (+145) -270

The back-and-forth banter between Jones and Cormier regarding the steroids culminated in a rather humorous interchange. Cormier made some comment regarding Jones’ appearance to help justify his steroid accusations against Bones.

“How do I look?” Jones quipped to DC at the presser.

“You’re a bum,” Cormier shot back. “That’s why you look like a bum.”

“How do I look DC?” replied Jones, lifting his shirt in the process to show exactly what kind of shape he currently is in. “Who looks like a junkie here today?” Jones asked the audience of journalists and fans. “Me or him?”

“You look like a crack head with a suit on,” shot Jones, in an attempt to poke fun at Cormier’s choice of attire.

“I could look like a crack head with a suit on, but I’ve never been a crackhead like you though.” Cormier replied, winning that exchange in a landslide.

That back-and-forth was certainly the humor-highlight of the presser, but there were also some interesting moments. Like when Jones went after Cormier for what is being referred to as towel-gate by the online UFC betting community.

At the weigh-ins for UFC 210, in his first attempt to make weight, Cormier weighed in at 206.2 lbs. Since his bout against Anthony Johnson was for the belt, Cormier had to make the weight and an inability to do so would result in the title no longer being on the line.

Because of New York’s MMA rules, Cormier had another opportunity to weigh in. When he did, Cormier placed some of his weight on the towel that is used to cover his front side from the cameras, leading to this notoriously hilarious video.

A reporter asked DC if he had any concerns about making weight to which the light heavyweight champion jokingly replied no but that  he’ll “bring a towel just in case.”

“That sh— not funny,” replied Jones on the mic. “Technically you should’ve gave 20% of your purse to your opponent because you did not make weight. You can forever say that you are the 206.2 lbs. champion of the world.”

The feud between Jones and Cormier might be one of the most bitter the UFC has ever seen. Part of it has to do with how many times this fight got rescheduled. Having to do a face off against someone you don’t like will only worsen the situation.

Jones and DC had another humorous exchange on FS1 following the press conference. Players who bet on MMA who are interested in catching that banter can do so below.