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The Ultimate Fighting Championship has become the most prominent company in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. So when it comes to betting on MMA online, it’s no surprise to see that the majority of action revolves around betting on UFC fights. With the recent ESPN deal the UFC secured, the company was able to secure itself at the top of the sport making online UFC betting the primary focus of MMA sportsbook fans. So how should one go about betting on UFC fights?

How to Go About Online UFC Betting

The first step is to simply go ahead and create an account. Once that’s taken care of, you can go ahead and begin to check out the UFC schedule. Generally speaking, the UFC has fights scheduled throughout the entire year. However, there are certain hot spots that feature the most exhilarating fights of the year. This includes the annual International Fight Week that takes place in July or the end-of-the-year fights that always feature eye-catching names. Let’s take a look at the types of events the UFC puts together so you know what to expect when looking over their schedule.

Types of UFC Events


These are sort of the bread and butter of the UFC. Although not as eye-catching as their pay per view events, UFC on ESPN always deliver entertaining bouts topped off by a headlining bout between two UFC superstars. They’re always fun to tune in for and can offer a good amount of fights worth betting on.

UFC Fight Night

These fights can sometimes have big name brawlers but are used more so to set the stage for upcoming fighters. Die-hard fans wouldn’t miss these but casuals rarely tune in. As for betting on these fights, these bouts tend to offer pretty even-sided odds all in all. These can certainly be used to prep your online UFC betting game in preparation for more high-profile events.


These are the most prominent events in the UFC and always feature the biggest names in the sport competing for a championship. These are the events that make the morning talk shows and are the ones co-workers talk about on Mondays. Needless to say, betting on these events affords you the biggest bragging rights – if you come out on top.

The Ultimate Fighter Series

The Ultimate Fighter Series is a UFC TV show that takes two big name stars and puts them toe-to-toe. But not only do these two have to face off inside a cage, they also have to coach a group of up-and-comers. The UFC is always looking to sign the youngest and best talent and that’s what this show is all about. Fighters from all over the country are brought in and compete in a tournament to see who walks away with a UFC contract. The show is widely popular for a variety of reasons and makes for good entertainment. You can also wager on the fights on this show.

Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contenders

Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender series is somewhat like the aforementioned series. However, instead of having a tournament of sorts, these fighters have one night to impress the boss and get inked by the UFC. These fights are a bit iffy to bet on because you can’t do as much research as you can on the other bouts. Either way, that isn’t stopping the most daring UFC betting fans.

UFC Weight Divisions

When it comes to combat sports, it’s all about the different weight divisions. While the heavyweight may be the most eye-catching, each weight division in the UFC is filled with talent. Here you can find information on the current weight champions as well as the top 15 within that respective division.

Betting on UFC Fights

When you bet on a UFC fight, the most common type of wager is on the money line. Below we’ll be taking a look at what a common UFC betting line will look like.

Liz Carmouche – 3½ (EV) +625
Valentina Shevchenko – 3½ (-120) -950

As can be seen, there are two types of lines available. Starting on the left, the first that we see is the spread set at 3 ½ rounds. Afterwards we see the money line with the UFC odds heavily favoring Shevchenko. Below we’ll be taking a look at these betting lines individually to see what they offer.

Betting UFC Money Line

When you bet the money line, you are simply betting on one fighter to defeat the other. Normally these odds start at -110 and will keep rising if a fighter is heavily favored. As can be seen above, the money line odds are heavily favoring Shevchenko. On a -110 money line, you would need to wager $110 in order to win $100. However, since Shevchenko is so heavily favored, you would need to wager $950. In short, a $950 winning wager on the favorite would net you a total of $1050 (the original $950 plus the $100 in winnings).

On the contrary, betting on the underdog can be much more lucrative due to the unlikelihood of the wager coming to fruition. Using the example above we can see that Carmouche is facing +625 odds. Here you only need to wager $100 to be eligible for $625 in winnings. Simply put, a $100 winning wager on Carmouche would net you $725 in winnings.

Betting UFC Spread

When you bet the spread, you’re not betting on one fighter to beat another. Instead, you’re betting on a fighter to beat the spread. So how does a fighter beat the spread?

Using the example above, we can see that the spread is set at 3 ½ rounds. So in order for Shevchenko to beat the spread, she needs to defeat her opponent in less than 3 ½ rounds, or 17.5 minutes. So if Shevchenko wins by decision, she would not have covered the spread.

On the other hand, Carmouche only needs to avoid being finished to cover the spread. Also, since she’s the underdog, she will cover the spread if she manages to defeat Shevchenko.

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