Will Sportsbook Fans Witness Roger Federer Retiring?

Posted by: Mike Davis
Roger Federer Retiring

Another Swiss Indoors tournament has come and passed bringing with it a plethora of tennis betting online action. While the tourney was a resounding success, especially for those sportsbook bettors who had bet on Roger Federer winning the event, some news at the end brought a tear to the eye. Specifically, the eye of the champion who had just graced us with a breathtaking performance. After winning his record 9th Swiss Indoors, the champ’s post-triumph speech left many wondering if we will see Roger Federer retiring. Let’s take an in depth look at the champ’s response that has ignited this speculation. But before we do, let’s recap Federer’s triumph at the Swiss Indoors.

Federer’s 9th Swiss Indoors Triumph

Sunday’s championship matchup witnessed the Swiss hero win in his very own hometown of Basel to become the most successful athlete in the history of the Swiss Indoors. Federer faced a tough challenge in Romania’s Marius Copil yesterday but was able to overcome the challenge and come out unscathed 7-6, 6-4. All in all that victory secured the 20-time Grand Slam winner’s 99th singles title. In addition, it marked Federer’s first win on the ATP Tour since way back in June. Ultimately the Swiss legend looks to cement himself as an all-time great by usurping the iconic Jimmy Connors’ record of 109 wins – the best the tennis world has ever known.

Since 2006, Federer has competed in each and every Swiss Indoors and has only missed one of the 13 finals. However, Federer only missed out on that finals due to an injury that ensured he would not be able to compete in the second half of the 2016 tennis betting online season. Naturally, the world No. 3 was overcome with emotion after adding another Swiss Indoors victory to his legacy. Federer’s speech hit all the notes we expected, talking about how much it means to him to win in his own country. However, there was an unexpected element in the mix, with Federer admitting that he might not return to professional courts in 2019. So now the question is, will we see Roger Federer retiring?

Will We See Roger Federer Retiring?

“It’s very difficult for me to explain how it feels like,” Federer told the media following his triumph. “Just walking out for a Basel finals was always my dream, already just playing on centre court was a thrill.”

There’s no question the Swiss was brooding in emotion. Once he began to reminisce it became clear that retirement has long been a possibility in the mind of this veteran. After his heartfelt opening, Federer talked about his memories of coming out for the qualifications a whopping twenty-one years ago. Afterwards, Federer talked about his win and began to hint retirement.

“To come here and win again in my home town never knowing if this might be your last time that you had the opportunity to play a finals and maybe win for the last time here in my city, it obviously means a lot to me and becomes emotional always at the very end.”

Federer has had an astounding career and is still playing at a very high level. Testament to his is the fact that he’s coming off a win at the Swiss Indoors. On top of that, he’s still No. 3 in the entire world. Now sitting at 37-years of age, Federer’s retirement is expected to come in the next couple of years. The question now is whether or not he’ll commit to breaking that aforementioned tennis record. Either way, mobile betting fans will surely be keeping an eye on this developing story.