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Tennis Update: Novak Djokovic and His 19th Grand Slam Success, Rafael Nadal’s Last Chance to Surpass Bjorn Borg’s Record

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Tennis Update Novak Djokovic’s 19th Grand Slam Success Rafael Nadal’s Last Chance to Surpass Bjorn Borg’s Record

Moving onto the latest update, Novak Djokovic has made history once again after dominating his opponent to win the 19th Grand Slam title in the epic French Open final. The Serbian tennis player is now the first person in 52 years to win twice in all four majors. The tennis betting picks will be available online for the Mercedes Cup and the Noventi Open that will take place in Germany. Bettors will soon be able to place their bets on their favorite players with the help of the betting trends. 

Closer to the All-Time Record

Djokovic is now right behind Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal from the all-time record. Federer and Nadal are holding a record of 20 Grand Slam titles. Djokovic’s victory was the second French Open Crown after his success back in 2016. His success has added to his five Wimbledon titles, nine Australian Open titles, and three US Open titles. Djokovic is the third player in history to win four Grand Slams on multiple occasions. Overall, he has won 84 titles in his career and his last success will bring him $150 million in prize money.

Nadal’s Battle to Surpass Borg’s Record

Rafael Nadal has been at the top of Roland Garros with just three defeats. Nadal won 105 of his 108 games and won 13 trophies in Paris. Nadal has created history with his ultimate performance, but a few things managed to slip away. It turns out that the Spaniard will not be able to win consecutive sets like Bjorn Borg during 1979-1981. Borg won 41 sets straight in Paris and his record is still unbeaten. Nadal moved closer to Borg’s record in the last five years when he managed to win 38 sets in a row. However, his winning streak was ended against Diego Schwartzman.

Nadal had his own struggles, especially against Schwartzman and Jannik Sinner. Earlier this year at the Roland Garros campaign, he managed to go 5-2 against Alexi Popyrin and win straight sets in four encounters. Nadal was successful against Schwartzman before he was held back by Novak Djokovic in the semis after four hours and 11 minutes of gameplay.  As for the upcoming tournaments, the US Open is all set to take place in New York from August 29 to September 12. Following the US Open will be the Moselle Open Metz in France from September 19-26. On the same dates, the St. Petersburgh Open in St. Petersburgh Russia will take place. The top betting sportsbook will have all the lines and odds available online as these exciting tournaments take place.