Should Online Tennis Betting Players Wager on the Top 4?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Tennis Betting Players Wager on the Top 4?

One of the biggest online tennis betting events of the year will begin next week. Wimbledon is almost here and tennis wagering lines are beginning to see more and more action with each passing day. The aim of the tournament, of course, is to find the best tennis player in the world. What makes the competition interesting is that world rankings don’t always translate into tournament results, meaning that the No. 1 tennis player in the world isn’t guaranteed a trophy at Wimbledon. Judging by the recent state of the tennis world, that could be truer this year than ever before.

Struggling Aces

The ‘big four’ of tennis consist of Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. Any legitimate sports betting fanatic is well acquainted with these 4 and should have no problem recalling some memories with these tennis legends. Interestingly enough, this year’s Wimbledon marks the first time since the 2014 tournament that all four of these superstars have been named as the top seeds at a Grand Slam.

For this reason, many online tennis betting fans are ecstatic about this year’s Wimbledon: a fantastic throwback that offers one of the few, limited opportunities to see the biggest names in tennis collide. Between the four of these champions are 44 of the last 49 men’s Grand Slam titles and all together this lot has amassed over $360 million in winnings. However, each of those legends is coming into the championship with some significant worries.

Murray comes into the tournament ranked No. 1 in the world and has rightfully snagged the top seed. However, the Briton has been far from his top form lately. The Scot may come into Wimbledon as the reigning champion, but most bettors agree that he is the least likely of the bunch to walk off the grass victorious. The world hasn’t seen a three-time Wimbledon winner since Fred Perry and it’s unlikely we’ll see one this year, especially when accounting for Murray’s early dismissal at the Australian Open, Indian Wells and Queen’s.

Likewise, Nadal doesn’t enter this contest with the highest of expectations. After massacring Stan Wawrinka to complete La Decima, the Spaniard has been performing rather poorly. Coupled with his lusterless recent record at Wimbledon and even Nadal is acknowledging his low chance of success.

“There has been a while since I don’t play very good Wimbledon,” Nadal told reporters after winning at Roland Garros. “It’s true that after 2012, what happened with my knees, [it has] been tougher and tougher to compete on grass for me. If I don’t feel fit then probably my chances are not there, no?”

“I have to work a lot,” the Spaniard told the media after withdrawing from the end of Queen’s due to fear of aggravating the aforementioned knee injury. “My current level is not enough to compete the way I want at Wimbledon.”

Djokovic isn’t free from worries either. Although he isn’t contending with any injuries, his recent performances have been all over the place. Some have been great, others raise some questions about Serbian. Coming into Wimbledon, those questions haven’t exactly been answered and online tennis betting legend John McEnroe said it best when he said the following: “It looks right now as if Djokovic doesn’t want to be on the court.”

Roger Federer comes into this tournament as the sportsbook favorite, something Federer doesn’t mind accounting for the other top seeds recent struggles. However, Federer has been far from flawless lately and is no guarantee to win it all.