Murray’s Round 1 Win and A Wimbledon Betting Preview

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Wimbledon Betting Preview

The online tennis betting community is shivering in anticipation as Wimbledon kicks off next Monday. Naturally, sportsbook newcomers are trying to figure out how to bet sports online for this year’s riveting tournament. However, judging by his performance at the first round of the Nature Valley International, there is bound to be an abundance of players backing British star Andy Murray. But does Murray deserve this favoritism? Or are bettors setting themselves up to fall short? Let’s take a look at Murray’s victory over 3-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka to find out before going over a small Wimbledon betting preview.

Murray Over Wawrinka for 1st Time in a Year

Over the last couple of years, Murray has battled some rather nasty injuries. This includes an elbow injury suffered in 2017 that ended up costing him Britain’s No. 1 spot in the world of tennis. Subsequently, Murray also saw a lingering hip injury manifest into something troublesome. This hip injury saw him sidelined for a good portion of the year. Although Murray announced that he would be competing at the ATP tournament at Rosmalen Grass Court, he ended up withdrawing. The reason being n inadequate confidence in the state of his health.

Afterwards, Murray would make his return at the Queen’s Club Championships. There the famous tennis star would lose to Nick Kyrgios in the first round in 3 sets. This looked rather bleak as Murray is one, or at least should be, one of the most dominant forces in the world of tennis. Nevertheless, we saw Murray return to his previous form with a dominant win over Wawrinka in the first round.

So how dominant was Murray’s triumph over Wawrinka? Well, all most online tennis betting sites could focus on this Tuesday morning was Murray’s victory. Granted, the news was overhyped given Murray’s recent injuries and his most recent loss. But at the same time, the 31-year old delivering a 6-1 6-3 triumph over one of the best players in tennis deserves to be talked about. This matchup marked the Scot’s second competitive match since last year’s Wimbledon. Murray will face Kyle Edmund next and it’s certainly a match you won’t want to miss. After all, Edmund is the man who replaced Murray as Britain’s number one.

Looking Ahead || 2018 Wimbledon Betting Preview

So how does Murray’s victory affect the Wimbledon Betting Odds? Well right now the sports betting sites are pegging the usual suspects as the favorites. Take a look.

2018 Wimbledon Betting Preview/Odds

  • Roger Federer: 15/8
  • Novak Djokovic: 11/2
  • Marin Clic: 15/2
  • Rafael Nadal: 8/1
  • Andy Murray: 16/1

As you can see, despite taking a year off, Murray is still facing some favorable odds. This has some implications for bettors looking to back Murray at this year’s Wimbledon. So if you’re looking to take Murray, it would be better to take him now. If Murray continues to play well this week, those odds will continue to skyrocket. Why not take a shot when they’re much more favorable? After all, the payout will be grander and the bragging rights will be even more numerable.