A Look at the Greatest Tennis Betting Rivalries of the Past

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Greatest Tennis Betting Rivalries

As we dive deeper into the ATP World Tour, online tennis betting players have plenty of tough choices to make. Oftentimes those tough decisions are based in a betting matchup. But today we look not at any specific tournament, but rather at the greatest tennis betting rivalries of the past. It might not culminate in any parlay betting tips, but it’s still worth the read. So, what are the greatest rivalries we’ve witnessed from this great sport?

Greatest Tennis Betting Rivalries of the Past

Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal

Spanning 13-years and 38-matches, this is undoubtedly one of the best rivalries sportsbook players have come to know. On one hand is 10-time French Open winner Rafael Nadal. On the other is 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer. In head to head matchups, Nadal takes the cake with a 23-15 record. However, in their most recent and 38th crossing, it was the Swiss master who earned the victory, subsequently claiming the Shanghai Masters title. Ultimately, there might be better individual rivalries on this list. But nevertheless, there are few who were as dominant as these two online tennis betting legends put together.

Bjorn Borg vs. John McEnroe

This might just be the most entertaining pairing on this list and that’s a big thanks to McEnroe. In fact, few athletes have been able to build up a bad-boy reputation the likes of McEnroe. From his furious highlights, to his own cameo in Mr. Deeds, it’s hard to imagine a more emphatic competitor. But putting aside McEnroe’s antics, nearly every time these two met on the court, the result would be an instant classic. Of course, their meeting at Wimbledon might be the most historic, with both sides going back and forth so dramatically. Best of all, these two met 14 times with each side winning 7 a pop. If that isn’t the definition of greatest  tennis betting rivalries I don’t know what is.

Martina Navratilova vs. Chris Evert

Thursday marks the International Women’s Day and what better way to celebrate than by recalling the intense rivalry between these two. Back in the 70s, after winning both Wimbledon and the French Open, Evert was ready to become an unstoppable force in women’s tennis. But it wouldn’t take long for Navratilova to rise up and challenge her for the title. With a win over Evert in the 1978 Wimbledon tourney, Navratilova stoked the flames of a rivalry that would endure 10-years. In the end, these two faced each other a mind-blowing 80 times. As if that weren’t enough, 60 of those meeting came in tourney finals. Their rivalry was highlighted by the fact that the two employed different playing styles and contrasted by the fact that they were the best of friends off the court.

Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams

While the other names on this list were best friends, these two were literal sisters. All in all, this rivalry might be a little one-sided. But notwithstanding the fact that Serena has practically dominated Venus on the court, this rivalry is accentuated by the fact that these two were able to accomplish so much. Both together and as individuals. Ultimately, few can compete with the online tennis betting repertoire these two built up.