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Andy Murray Out of the 2018 Cincinnati Masters?

Posted by: Mike Davis
Andy Murray & Text: Andy Murray Out

The Cincinnati Masters, one of the oldest online tennis betting tournaments in the US, is well underway. The tournament kicked off this past Saturday and will conclude this upcoming Sunday. Already we’ve seen plenty of thrilling action and one mayor surprise: Andy Murray is out. Murray is ubiquitously considered one of the best tennis players in the country and his dismissal comes as a massive surprise. Let’s recap how it went down before taking a sports betting look at the implications of his elimination.

2018 Cincinnati Masters || Andy Murray is Out

The fact that Andy Murray has been eliminated from tournament contention isn’t 100% a bombshell. But the fact that he was eliminated in the opening round certainly is. In fact, his dismissal makes Roger Federer’s comments earlier this week much more relevant. Federer told the media that he was feeling a bit anxious about his opening match against Peter Gojowczyk, set to be held late Tuesday evening. Had Murray been more anxious about his opening matchup, he might still be competing in the tournament. Instead, we can firmly proclaim that Andy Murray is out.

Ultimately Murray’s elimination came to as a shocker to everyone but the athlete himself. After the match, Murray told the media that he needed to up his game by “10 or 15%”. Clearly Murray is well aware of his shortcomings and has already calculated the improvements he needs to make. The only question is why didn’t he make these adjustments or improvements before entering the tourney? Nevertheless, at the very least Murray has admitted that he needs to bring about some changes in his game.

“He’s a top 20 player,” Murray stated emphatically after losing to Lucas Pouille. “I only lost four more points in the match than him. It was tight. If I can improve by 10 or 15%, you turn a lot of those matches around.”

While the optic of a 1st round elimination are terrible, the fact that Murray lost to Pouille, who is ranked 17th in the world, doesn’t look as bad. Of course, Murray is still making a comeback from last year’s hip injury. In fact, his appearance at the Cincinnati masters marks his 4th event following his return. Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s take an online tennis betting gander at the match in question.

2018 Cincinnati Masters || Murray vs. Pouille

In the end, the score was 6-1 1-6 and 6-4 to give the 24-year old Pouille a win over one of the most recognizable names in the sport. The first set placed most of the blame on Murray himself considering he have six double faults and was broken three times in that opener. The Scotsman recovered in the second, forcing a thrilling decided. Nevertheless, the Frenchmen persevered in the end to secure his 1st ever win over Murray. Considering he’s faced Murray 5 times in his career, it’s safe to say that Pouille was ecstatic.

Murray’s absence now leaves an online betting void in the tournament. The former world No. 1 hasn’t quite returned to his previous form but he’s making some headway.