6 Reasons Wimbledon is the Best Tennis Betting Tourney

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Wimbledon is the Best Tennis Betting Tourney

Monday marks the official start of the most prestigious online tennis betting tournament of the year: Wimbledon. Most tennis aficionados would willingly admit that Wimbledon is the zenith of grass tournaments, but the tournament is much more than that. Wimbledon represents the pinnacle of professional tennis – across all courts. Here’s why:

A Grassy History Fitted With the Latest Tech

The Championships, Wimbledon represents the oldest online tennis betting tournament known to man. Held every year at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet club in Wimbledon, London, the competition has a richer history than most other leagues covered by sports wagering sites.

The UK is synonymous with rainy weather. For that reason, back in 2009, the Centre Court was fastened with a retractable roof to shorten the impact inclement weather had on playing time. A total of 18 courts are used for the Championships, with an additional 22 pitches being used for practice. It takes the club 15 months and 9 tons of grass seed to prepare the courts.

A Classy Look

Perhaps the biggest difference between Wimbledon and all other professional sporting events is the strict adherence to a dress code. The all-white outfit donned by the competitors is the biggest tell of the championships, and it’s brought about by the club – whose rules make all kits of Wimbledon players be at least 90% white. And that’s white, no vanilla or cream.

This strict ruling prohibits players from coming onto the court looking like a NASCAR vehicle and it makes for the most aesthetically pleasing sportsbook tournament on the planet.

Strawberry Fields Forever

To help accentuate the all-white worn by the competitors, Wimbledon delivers a well-known course of strawberries and cream. In fact, the sweet dish is the Championships’ favorite dish. 28,000 kilograms strawberries are hauled in and 10,000 liters of cream are consumed each year. To help gulp down that treat, attendants go through 320,000 glasses of Pimm’s and 29,000 bottles of champagne. Online tennis betting fans looking to get in on the Wimbledon tradition will have to make a quick pit top to a grocery store.

A Series of Fortunate Dives

The premiere grass of Wimbledon offers something seldom seen at other tennis tournaments; the ability to make the most baffling shots. Boris Becker made his way into the history books at the young of 17 by delivering a brilliant shot back in 1985, and his dive has become a hallmark of the tournament. Novak Djokovic and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga added a few dives to Wimbledon’s history back in 2011, when they faced each other in their historic match.

An Auspicious Prize

Both the men’s and women’s tournaments award some of the most lucrative winnings for an individual tournament. Most notably, the Rosewater Dish awarded for the women’s championship.

Etched with a mythological theme that features the Roman Goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, Minerva, on the rim, the Rosewater Dish is one of the most distinctive trophies in the world. As with the men’s, the winner receives a ¾ replica size replica that has the names of all the previous champions etched on the back.