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2019 Australian Open Betting Preview & Sportsbook Odds

Posted by: Charlie Smith
2019 Australian Open Betting

The 2019 online tennis betting season is underway. Naturally sportsbook players will be shifting their attention to the 2019 Australian Open. And while it may be opening a New Year, it’s more than likely that we will see an old champion. This is because out of the last 16 winners of male slam events, all happened to be former champions. So can we expect old faces to rise to promotion here? To help answer that question, we’ve assembled a 2019 Australian Open betting preview. No doubt this will help bettors stay up to date on this year’s tournament as well as were the best bets lie.

2019 Australian Open Betting Preview

Men’s Draw

Online Tennis Betting Favorite: Novak Djokovic +111

Djokovic had a pretty terrible start to the 2018 online tennis betting season. Subsequently, he was facing pretty terrible +700 odds to win Wimbledon. A few months later and Djokovic is the mobile betting favorite to claim the 2019 Australian Open. So why did the odds deliver this turnaround? Well, simply put, because the Serb delivered back to back majors in London and New York. On top of that, Djokovic completed the Golden Masters, becoming the first player to win all 9 Master events.

Notwithstanding those odds, some sportsbook players would argue that there’s not much value in such a short price due to the length of this event. Nevertheless, looking over the field, there looks like there’s not much obstruction to a Djokovic triumph. Right now Nadal and Murray are dealing with some injuries, Juan Martin Del Potro isn’t competing, and the tournament format of best of 5 favors Djokovic over Federer. Ultimately this makes the above listed odds very lucrative indeed.

Nonetheless, some bettors might be hesitant to put a ton of action on Djokovic due to his recent losses to the next generation of talent. This includes Tsitsipas, Zverev, and Khachanov. However, once again, those losses came in a best of 3 tournament. In this best of 5 format, Djokovic should have more than upper hand against those names.

Best Underdog Option: Roger Federer +529

Although we just stated that Djokovic has an edge over Federer in this tournament, Federer is still your best underdog option. On top of that, we haven’t seen the best play out of Federer in 2018 due to an injury. However, his play did improve towards the end when we nearly saw him upset Djokovic. His current No. 3 meeting doesn’t rule out a meeting versus the Serb in the semis. But putting that aside he’s still the surest bet in this department.

Women’s Draw

Online Tennis Betting Favorite: Serena Williams +400

Williams has had a hard time avoiding bad press but she’s still the heads on favorite ahead of this tourney. We did see her reach the Finals in Wimbledon and New York, only to lose there by delivering her worst performances in those tournaments. Although her movement isn’t quite what it used to be, she still has one of the strongest serves in the game. At the end of the day, that’s enough to make Williams a tennis betting favorite here.

Best Underdog Option: Aryna Sabalenka +1200

Sabalenka was facing 40-1 odds to win the US Open. But after delivering breathtaking performances all across 2018, sportsbooks have been forced to reconsider. She is facing decent odds and is off to an amazing start. At the end of the day she’s one of the best names to consider for a sleeper pick.