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2018 ATP Finals Betting Update

Posted by: Mike Davis
2018 ATP Finals Betting Update

The world of online tennis betting is firmly focused on the 2018 ATP Finals. For those outside the loop; the ATP Finals are the second highest tier of annual men’s tennis tournaments – after the four Grand Slam tournaments of course. Naturally, there’s a ton of buzz surrounding this year’s finals, which began on the 11th of November and continue until Sunday, November 18th. The season-ending Championships half reached their midway point with yesterday’s results in the history books. So, to help out sportsbook bettors, let’s mulch over a 2018 ATP Finals betting update in anticipation of this weekend’s enthralling action. You can catch this weekend’s coverage across BBC’s various platforms.

2018 ATP Finals Betting Update

World No. 1 is 1st on the Scene

The first man to qualify for this year’s semi-finals just happens to be Novak Djokovic after the World No. 1 delivered a masterful win over Alexander Zverev. The first set was tight and physical but the 31-year old Serb was able to overcome the duress, beating his German counterpart in the second 6-4 6-1. Djokovic had plenty of motivation in the match seeing as how he hasn’t been able to claim an ATP Finals title since his run in 2015.

“I don’t think it was breathtaking tennis but a win is a win,” Djokovic told the media following his triumph. “I played well midway through the second set and started to swing through the ball. I had not served that well but he made a lot of unforced errors which helped me to win.”

In the end, Djokovic had to survive an early assault of serves from the German. In fact, Zverev ended up delivering 7 aces and also delivered three straight serves that topped speeds of 140 mph. Unfortunately for the German, that would not be enough to create a led over Djokovic. In the end, it took until the 9th game for Djokovic to create a lead over his opponent.

Zverev Tired Down the Stretch

The Serb’s comments make it seem like his opponent’s errors had more to do with his win than his own efforts. Ultimately many online tennis betting pundits feel the same way. After all, Djokovic took the first set thanks to a double-fault from Zverev. On top of that, his whopping 33 unforced errors are unarguably what led to his demise yesterday. Afterwards the German sounded defeated in spirit after the match. He ended up stating that fatigue was the driving engine behind those seemingly innumerable errors. Zverev finished his comments by stating that the tenure of the online tennis betting season was “ridiculous”.

Now Djokovic advances to the semis where he will face Cilic on Friday. Mobile betting fans can catch Zverev taking on Isner instead.

“The issue is that our season is way too long. But I’ve said it before,” Zverev, who was more wins than any other player in the world with 55 this year, told the press following his loss. “We play for 11 months a year. That’s ridiculous. No other professional sport does that.”

While no one is eager to listen to the loser, Zverev might have a point in his complaint. And with 55 wins this season, it’s pretty obvious that Zverev has the makings of a winner.