World Cup Group Picks: Get Ready to Bet on the 2018 World Cup!

Posted by: Charlie Smith
2018 FIFA World Cup Group Picks

After four long years of waiting, World Cup betting finally kicks off this Thursday. Host country Russia will be vying to begin things on a good note by picking up a triumphant victory over Saudi Arabia. After that matchup is completed, bettors can dive right into the World Cup teaser betting action the group stage offers. To help you maximize this year’s action, we’ve put together this World Cup group picks to guide you through the coming matches. Take a look.

Group A

Russia +175

Saudi Arabia +4100

Egypt +410

Uruguay -135

World Cup Group Picks:
  • Winner: Uruguay
  • Runner up: Russia

Uruguay is without a doubt the most dominant team in the group. The country is used to competing against the likes of Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, so it should have no problem making it out of this group. On the other hand, Russia’s history makes it clear the country is exceedingly capable of defending the home country. Russia will undoubtedly be looking to exploit this piece of World History at the 2018 World Cup.

Group B

Portugal +210

Spain -210

Morocco +1600

Iran +3300

World Cup Group Picks:
  • Winner: Spain
  • Runner up: Portugal

Group B is more stacked than the previous pairings and seeing Portugal and Spain battle it out for the No. 1 spot should prove thrilling. Most World Cup betting players will be picking both of those clubs to make it out of Group B. Spain is unquestionably the more talented team but the Portuguese do have Ronaldo.

Group C

France -350

Australia +1900

Peru +850

Denmark +460

World Cup Group Picks:
  • Winner: France
  • Runner up: Peru

France is one of the powerhouses in this year’s tournament and should be able to pick apart most of their group. Australia doesn’t bring much to the table and neither does Denmark. Peru doesn’t have too much World Cup experience but might be able to surprise us.

Group D

Argentina -170

Iceland +1250

Croatia +230

Nigeria +1000

World Cup Group Picks:
  • Winner: Argentina
  • Runner up: Croatia

This Group should be fairly easy to predict since Argentina brings the best player on the planet to the table. The Argentinians had a bit of a breakout at the 2014 World Cup. Before that they hadn’t really been able to get much going despite having Messi. But now the country will be looking to build on their 2014 international success.

Group E

Brazil -425

Switzerland +610

Costa Rica +1675

Serbia +810

World Cup Group Picks:
  • Winner: Brazil
  • Runner up: Costa Rica

Every online sportsbook bettor on the planet is taking Brazil in this group. Back in 2014, the Brazilians had a humbling group stage exit. There’s no doubt that they’ll be looking to get their revenge this time around. All in all, they’re group shouldn’t offer much of a challenge. Costa Rica shone in 2014 but decided to part ways with their trainer. Although they haven’t looked that great lately, they have shocked us before in the past.

Group F

Germany -300

Mexico +510

Sweden +650

South Korea +1550

World Cup Group Picks:
  • Winner: Germany
  • Runner up: Mexico

The reigning World Cup champions shouldn’t have much trouble making it out of this group. Mexico on the other hand, has never really found World Cup success. That’s despite the fact that they’re always playing well in CONCACAF matchups. Nevertheless, Mexico might be able to break that drought this time around.

Group G

Belgium -120

Panama +4100          

Tunisia +1450

England +125

World Cup Group Picks:
  • Winner: Belgium
  • Runner up: England

Belgium looked great in a 4-1 pummeling of Costa Rica the other night. Moreover, they should be able to come out on top in Group G pretty handily. Panama is making their first ever World Cup appearance while Tunisia is relatively unknown. England brings some talent but lacks leadership to be too big of a threat.

Group H

Poland +180

Senegal +465

Colombia +130

Japan +750

World Cup Group Picks:
  • Winner: Colombia
  • Runner up: Poland

The odds suggest Colombia will struggle. However, most of the World Cup betting community believes they’ll come out unfazed. Poland should be able to get out of here as well.