UEFA Champions League Final to be Held at London, Virginia Women’s Soccer Advance to Elite Eight

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
UEFA Champions League Final to be Held at London Virginia Women’s Soccer Advance to Elite Eight

The Covid-19 pandemic is leaving sports on the edge with several games being canceled or rescheduled due to protocol. One of the biggest challenges among those are travel restrictions. Players are unable to cope by traveling from different places amid the crisis. The UEFA Champions League Final is just around the corner as Manchester City takes on Chelsea. The European soccer’s governing body has suggested that the finals should take place in London to make travel restrictions easy for domestic fans. The final will take place at Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul on May 29. The top online sportsbook has been flourishing online with picks and predictions for this huge European soccer event.

Portugal to be the Backup Choice

The European governing body will need to discuss the situation with the English Football Association about moving the game. After the discussion, a decision will be announced in the next 48 hours. If there is no common ground for the finals taking place in London, the alternative play is Portugal. The safety of the public is the top priority for each country and it’s a crucial time to control the spread of the virus. The UEFA has request certain demands from the English Football Association. Among which, is to waive quarantine requirements for staff and international broadcasters.

10,000 Fans Likely to Attend the UEFA Champions League Finals

Earlier before its lockdown, Istanbul stated that it can accommodate 25,000 fans. Football is one of the most important and most-watched sports in England, especially with these two top English clubs in the finals. After relaxing their rules, the British government mentioned earlier that 20,000 fans can attend the F.A. Cup final that will take place at Wembley Stadium in London on May 17. The UEFA might request the same accommodation, but the figure might be capped at 10,000. Wembley Stadium works out for both clubs. The venue seems perfect for UEFA’s requirements.

Virginia Cavaliers’ Women’s Soccer Reach Elite Eight

The Virginia Cavaliers team has qualified for their Elite Eight round after defeating Rice Owls with a 3-0 final score. Diana Ordonez was the bright spot for the Cavaliers with a hat trick. The sophomore forward pushed Virginia to their quarterfinals since 2015. Rice University was unable to do much as Virginia dominated with ball possession. The Cavaliers were on the scoreboard at the 37th minute followed by the second goal in the 68th and third in the 82nd.

Virginia has improved their overall performance in the last few games, especially with their offense skills. The Cavaliers took 16 shots in total, out of which, six were on target. Rice was unable to gain access as they stood weak in defending corners. The Cavaliers will need to face the TCU Horned Frogs for the first time. The best online soccer gambling website has all the odds and predictions available online for this exciting Elite Eight knockout game.