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Recapping Online Soccer Betting Madness

The UEFA Champions League is arguably one of the most entertaining online soccer betting tournaments currently out there. Individually, we may all have our favorite European soccer leagues, but there’s no denying that watching the biggest names in soccer compete for international glory is better than anything any single league can offer.

Having the best in the world compete against each other is one way to guarantee some breathtaking action, but what we witnessed Barcelona do against Paris Saint-Germain earlier this week is unparalleled in every definition of the word.

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Barcelona was well aware that they would need nothing short of a miracle to overcome the 4-0 sportsbook loss they suffered in the first leg of the UEFA tournament against PSG, but even they couldn’t have imagined the way in which they would defy the soccer betting odds.

After a panicky start to the match, Barca was able to put points on the board after Rafinha connected with Luis Suarez who headed the ball over PSG’s goalkeeper. Albeit, this score can be credited more to a lack of defending from PSG, rather than Barcelona’s proficiency.

Then in the 40th minute, after some more questionable defending from PSG, the Blaugrana were able to double their lead. Thanks to Kevin Trapp and Marquinhos combining to deflect an unpromising backheel from Iniesta into their own net.

Most online soccer betting fans would agree that PSG was visibly staggered by the intensity Barcelona was bringing. In fact, once Messi drained a PK – thanks to Thomas Meunier tripping Neymar in the box – it was clear that it would only be a matter of time before Barcelona scored their 4th.

However, it would be far from easy as Edinson Cavani would soon strike down a goal that was delivered off a long free-kick on behalf of Layvin Kurzawa. With their first goal, PSG quickly drained the energy from both Barcelona and Nou Camp.

Nevertheless, Barcelona marched forward and once Neymar miraculously darted a free-kick into the top left corner, Barca was ready to continue their road to history. And even though it seemed impossible, once Suarez was swatted inside the box, drawing a penalty, Neymar was able to put it away, leaving the aggregate at 5-5.

In the closing minutes of the game, it’s almost ineffable to describe the energy surging through the bodies of online soccer betting fans. With 5 minutes of stoppage added, Barcelona was able to shift into ‘full offense’ mode and off practically the last kick of the game, Sergi Roberto, who had come off the bench, was able to finish, helping Barcelona advance to the quarterfinals.

There’s no denying that sportsbook players had ever witnessed something of this magnitude before. But the finish was not without controversy and the referee, Deniz Aytekin, is now under review for his questionable calling during the match. In the end, refereeing legend Pierluigi Collina will decide whether or not Aytekin is demoted.