Ranking Hottest EPL Online Soccer Betting Options

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Ranking Hottest EPL Online Soccer Betting Options

As we begin the march down 2017 sportsbook fans can begin to look forward to another successful season of online soccer betting. A bet on soccer is all about making the biggest winnings and what better place to do that than the league that outspends the rest of the world? There’s no doubt that the English Premier League is one of the most competitive, entertaining, unpredictable leagues out there. So with that in mind, let’s break down EPL power rankings as we prepare for the second half of the English Premier League season. Obviously these rankings don’t take the whole season into account as there exists a graph for that, but rather how the teams are currently performing.

  1. Chelsea

Well there’s really no other team that could qualify for the top spot. With winning streaks galore, Chelsea has found their way to the top of the EPL rankings, and has a comfortable 7-point cushion for the lead. With 21 games under their belt, Chelsea has delivered the best record in the Premier League with 17 wins, 1 draw, and just 3 losses. Needless to say, Chelsea has the best sportsbook odds of winning the EPL this year.

  1. Liverpool

Currently tied for 2nd with Tottenham, the Reds have been making a recent push that is jaw-dropping to say the least. With 6 draws on their record, Liverpool has the second most draws in the league. However, unlike their counterparts, Liverpool has managed to maintain their top-of-the-league ranking despite consistently drawing. If Liverpool’s defense can step up their game, the Reds might just be able to pull away from Tottenham.

  1. Tottenham Hotspurs

Online soccer betting fans might point out that this list eerily resembles the EPL rankings, but considering the Hotspurs have won their last 5 contests; where else would you place them? Additionally, Tottenham has the 3rd best odds of winning the EPL this year so it’s safe to say, the ranking is more than fitting.

  1. Arsenal

The Hotspurs may be riding an impressive win streak but fans should take note that Arsenal has yet to lose a game this year. Arsenal’s last defeat came at the hands of Manchester City on December 18th. But since that humbling loss Arsenal has been able to rack up wins against West Bromwich Albion (not the most impressive I’ll admit), Crystal Palace, Preston and even a 4-0 routing of Swansea. Also, Arsenal drew 3-3 with Bournemouth on the third of January. The sportsbooks don’t think much of Arsenal’s chances but it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Gunners convert their momentum into a late season push.

  1. Everton

Some might argue that this ranking should go to Manchester City, considering they rank two whole spots higher than Everton. However, since Man City has lost 4 out of their last 5 games, including a 4-0 pounding at the hands of Everton, ranking them here would not be an accurate representation of what we’re seeing from Manchester City. On the flip side, Everton is undefeated in their last 4 contests dating back to a 2-2 tie against Hull City on December 30th. Everton may not be an online soccer betting favorite, but there’s no denying they’re currently on a hot streak.