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Premier League Odds Today Not Looking Good For Kepa Arrizabalaga

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Premier League Odds Today Not Looking Good For Kepa Arrizabalaga

Kepa Arrizabalaga’s future with Chelsea F.C. is not looking good, especially with the 25-year-old eased out of the first-team. Try as he might, the Spanish goalkeeper has failed to impress Mikel Arteta, leading most to speculate he is on his way out. And if the Premier League odds today are to be considered, the best bet is that Kepa’s future would be better if he were to take his act to another team. But seeing that happen is easier said than done.

First, Kepa is considered the world’s most expensive goalkeeper. The reason behind this is the hefty investment that the Blues made on the Spaniard. In 2018, Chelsea paid roughly $93 million got acquire his services. So far in his first year at Stamford Bridge, that investment has hardly reaped dividends. Kepa has struggled to adapt to the system of Arteta, Much of this started early this year though he was given chance. And despite Arteta defending Kepa, it seems apparent that he may not be fit to the system being established.

Kepa has better Premier League odds today playing elsewhere

Kepa Arrizabalaga was dropped from the line-up following a sub-par performance against Liverpool last July 22. Similar to what happened in early January, Arteta went with Willy Caballero instead. But of course, this is something they cannot do frequently moving forward. The Blues are looking for available goalies in the market and there are several names mentioned. One of them is Jan Oblak of Atletico Madrid. Unfortunately, the Blues will need to shell out another hefty investment if they pursue the Slovenian goalie.

But before that, Chelsea needs to figure out how to deal away Kepa. There are clubs interested but the COVID-19 situation is expected to stand in the way. Most are holding off from spending for now. This means that the Blues may have difficulty finding a taker.

If that is the case, Chelsea could resort to loaning Kepa. But with his hefty pay, the Blues may need to pay part of his salary. Either way, Chelsea will have to deal with the losses from that $93 million investment. But it would be better than the worst-case scenario of Kepa just sitting out games.


If there are no takers, Kepa could end up sitting out games while his contract is running. He would still be paid his wages even if he does not see action. It is a scenario that the Blues may not be comfortable having. Thus, the best way is to find a way to sell off Kepa or at least loan him to another team.

It is an ugly predicament for the Blues with Arteta far from being impressed by his goalkeeping group. There are players available but another hefty investment is likely to raise eyebrows. Hence, the best recourse is for the Blues to settle the status of their current crop. Once they figure out who should stay and who should go, that is the time for Arteta to move. Based on his targets, more moves are likely to happen.