Premier League Odds Stacked On Arsenal, Xhaka Unhappy

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Premier League Odds Stacked On Arsenal, Xhaka Unhappy

Arsenal F.C. finds itself in a pretty precarious situation following a recent loss to Aston Villa. That loss was on the Gunners and there are several players happy. One of them is Granit Xhaka who blasted the effort of his teammates. Despite the loss, Arsenal still has a chance to make the Europa League. The only problem is that Premier League odds are now stacked against them. They need to win against Chelsea in the FA Cup final on Aug. 1 to get in.

Premier League odds won’t matter if Gunners don’t wake up

Xhaka is a player that has drawn praise from Mikel Arteta. The Spanish coach lauds the Swiss player for the transformation he underwent, now one of the fiery players in the mix. That was clearly shown in his recent comments following the loss to Aston Villa. He feels that they lacked the mental toughness and sense of urgency leading to the loss. He was quite unhappy with the effort and admitted that The Villa deserved the three points they got from that win.

Granit Xhaka feels that the Gunners did not follow their game plan. They had the right pieces but committed too many fouls around the box. In short, the effort was simply lacking. Looking ahead, they cannot afford to fall into the same predicament. Doing so could further dampen their chances at the Europa League.

For Arteta, they need to show they can progress as early as now. They will face Watford next and Arteta plans to use his best players in that game. The Spaniard feels that a strong showing will carry on to their final FA cup showdown with the Blues. Their chances may not be looking good but a collective effort could reap dividends.

With the loss to Aston Villa, Arsenal finds itself down to the tenth spot. A win over Watford could give them a chance to reach eighth at most, the best they can get for now.

What’s In Store for Arsenal

It was a botched effort that should factor in with the Gunners plans for next season. There are players expected to move out, most failing to align with the vision that Arteta has in mind. Among the big guns they could lose is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Barcelona is reportedly considering the Gabon captain, meaning a key piece of the future may be lost.

Aside from Aubemeyang, there is also Mesut Ozil and Matteo Guendouzi. The two players have seen little to no action since the restart. There is a growing belief that both players could be moving out after this season. Guendouzi has already sought permission from Arsenal management even though Arteta has not completely given up on him.

As for Ozil, his poor play has led to his benching. Though he is listed as having a back injury, most feel that his lack of effort is the real reason. Being one of the highest-paid players on the club, Arsenal could divert those funds and invest in someone else. These are things that Arteta needs to address, meaning it will be an interesting summer for the Gunners.